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Latest Edition of the de.NBI Quarterly Newsletter

thumb quarterly newsletter 08 

8th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition May 2017

  • Node application approved by ELIXIR
  • new chairpersons for SIGs
  • 2nd international de.NBI symposium

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Past Editions/Archive

thumb quarterly newsletter 07

7th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition February 2017

  • de.NBI SAB meeting
  • 1st de.NBI cloud coordination meeting
  • New de.NBI flyer
  thumb quarterly newsletter 06

6th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition November 2016

  • International de.NBI symposium
  • de.NBI Late Summer School 2016
  • de.NBI Twitter Channel
thumb quarterly newsletter 05

5th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition August 2016

  • Germany joins ELIXIR
  • Visits to de.NBI service centers
  • de.NBI symposium and mini symposium
thumb quarterly newsletter 04 4th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition May 2016
  • de.NBI partner projects
  • ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2016
  • Report on the HD Cloud Workshop
thumb quarterly newsletter 03

3rd de.NBI Newsletter
Edition February 2016

  • The de.NBI-ELIXIR collaboration
  • de.NBI development plan 2016
  • ELIXIR tools and service registry hackathon
 thumb quarterly newsletter 02

2nd de.NBI Newsletter
Edition October 2015

  • Reports of the five SIGs
  • de.NBI Late Summer School 2015
  • de.NBI SAB meeting in Berlin
thumb quarterly newsletter 01 

1st de.NBI Newsletter
Edition July 2015

  • Inauguration of the Central Coordination Unit
  • Forming the Scientific Advisory Board
  • The de.NBI Kick-off Meeting at Bielefeld University

A list of articles and resources about the de.NBI network:

  • Git Laborportal 04/17, "Cloud-Computing in der Bioinformatik", by C. Lawerenz, A. Sczyrba and A. Pühler
  • Briefings in Bioinformatics 04/17, "Bioinformatics in Germany: toward a national-level infrastructure", by A. Tauch
  • LaborPraxis 03/17, "Big Data im Life-Science-Labor", by Dr. Ilka Ottleben
  • BIOSpektrum 01/17, "de.NBI – ein Deutsches Netzwerk für Bioinformatik-Infrastruktur", by A. Pühler
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "Deutsches Netzwerk für Bioinformatik-Infrastruktur – de.NBI", by A. Pühler
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "RNA-Bioinformatik unter einem Dach – das RNA Bioinformatik Service Zentrum", by B. Grüning
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "BRENDA – Von der Datenbank zum Kompetenzzentrum", by D. Schomburg and I. Schomburg
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "NBI-SysBio – Der de.NBI Datenmanagement Knoten", by W. Müller
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "Entwicklung von Software-Lösungen für Mikrobielle Bioinformatik", by A. Goesmann
  • labor&more 02/16, "de.NBI und GFBio - Bioinformatische Infrastrukturen zum Management und zur Analyse großer biologischer Datenmengen in den Lebenswissenschaften", by A. Tauch and F. O. Glöckner
  • BIOSpektrum 02/15, "Deutsches Netzwerk für Bioinformatik-Infrastruktur (de.NBI) - Vernetzung von Bioinformatik-Infrastrukturen in Deutschland", by A. Pühler

A list of articles including manuscripts of the de.NBI special issue in Journal of Biotechnology:

  • Journal of Biotechnology 06/17, "From Plant Genomes to Phenotypes", by M. Bolger M, R. Schwacke, H. Gundlach, T. Schmutzer, J. Chen, D. Arend, M. Oppermann, S. Weise, M. Lange, F. Fiorani, M. Spannagl, U. Scholz, K. Mayer, B. Usadel
  • Journal of Biotechnology 05/17, "Bioinformatics can boost metabolomics research", by R. Meier, C. Ruttkies, H. Treutler, S. Neumann
  • Journal of Biotechnology 05/17, "Use of CellNetAnalyzer in biotechnology and metabolic engineering", by von A. von Kamp, S. Thiele, O. Hädicke, S. Klamt
  • Journal of Biotechnology 05/17, "Mobilization and integration of bacterial phenotypic data-Enabling next generation biodiversity analysis through the BacDive metadatabase", by L. C. Reimer, C. Söhngen, A. Vetcininova, J. Overmann
  • Journal of Biotechnology 04/17, "The BRENDA enzyme information system–From a database to an expert system", by I. Schomburg, L. Jeske, M. Ulbrich, S. Placzek, A. Chang, D. Schomburg