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Dear colleagues,

the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure cordially invites you to attend the Symposium The Future Development of Bioinformatics in Germany and Europe”. The symposium will be held at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) of Bielefeld University from October 23-25, 2017. The conference highlights aspects of the cooperation between the de.NBI and ELIXIR bioinformatics infrastructures. The sessions focus on:

  • Mining the Proteome and the Metabolome
  • Cloud Computing for Life Sciences
  • Microbial Bioinformatics 
  • Plant Bioinformatics
  • Human Bioinformatics
  • Data Resources and Data Management
  • RNA Bioinformatics and Galaxy

The conference program consists of plenary lectures, short oral presentations, poster presentations, an Opening Lecture and a Distinguished Conference Lecture on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee I look forward very much to welcome you in Bielefeld!

With my best regards,

Unterschrift Alf Puehler
Chair of the Organizing Committee and de.NBI Coordinator

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Organised by ELIXIR, GOBLET, the Galaxy Training Network (GTN) and supported by de.NBI (RBC Freiburg), a hackathon was held for Galaxy training material re-use in Cambridge, UK from 22-24 May. The 3-day workshop was organised by Björn Grüning (DE/de.NBI/Freiburg), Gabriella Rustici (UK), Frederik Coppens (BE) and Celia van Gelder (NL), and it brought together people actively involved in Galaxy training from across the world - Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Australia and United States.

The main objectives were to build on an existing collection of Galaxy training materials (https://github.com/galaxy-project/training-material), which was initiated at the 2016 Galaxy Community Conference. Materials had been created for several topics including Genome annotation, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, Exome-sequencing, MethylC-seq and Galaxy Tool Development, with varying degrees of completeness.

During the hackathon the attendees discussed, brainstormed and worked on the materials, improving and adding slides, datasets, tools, workflows, metadata (Bioschemas and EDAM), Docker containers and interactive tours. Github was used to track tasks and issues, and the GTN Gitter channel was used as a chat room (https://gitter.im/Galaxy-Training-Network/Lobby). A new structure for the training material repository was also discussed and agreed on, and new topics were worked on, such as small RNA-seq, genome assembly and metabolomics. Much was achieved and the work will continue post hackathon and at the 2017 Galaxy Community Conference in Montpellier, France June 26-30 (https://gcc2017.sciencesconf.org).