de.NBI Cloud Access

In order to access the de.NBI Cloud please download the project application form by clicking on:

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The filled out form must be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will get in touch with you as fast as possible.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the access or the application form.

Cloud Center Giessen

The de.NBI cloud infrastructure at Justus-Liebig-University (JLU) Giessen was successfully established in early 2017, providing large-scale computing and storage resources to users of the de.NBI network. An extension of the overall storage capacity is already underway and will be available in the first half of 2018.

After initial setup and intensive testing, the cloud at JLU Giessen was transferred to production mode in June 2017. It has already been used successfully to conduct practical sessions during the first de.NBI summer school on cloud computing for bioinformatics. On this occasion, 24 participants applied cloud computing techniques for the analysis of their own biological data sets and learned how to implement scalable bioinformatics software solutions in a cloud environment. Since its establishment, the cloud is regularly used by various cooperation partners and users of the de.NBI network to analyze their data.

With between 6 and 27 GB of main memory available for each CPU core, the generous equipment of the de.NBI cloud at JLU Giessen provides an ideal resource to execute tools and workflows with high memory requirements such as the assembly of large-scale metagenomes or eukaryotic genomes. Instance types with up to 3 TB of main memory and over 100 CPU cores are offered for this purpose.

The computing resources for running virtual machines are complemented by a selection of various storage solutions, including SSD-based ephemeral disks, data volumes and object storage, which can be used to store raw and intermediate data as well as the final results of bioinformatics analysis pipelines.

The de.NBI cloud team at JLU Giessen provides ready-to-use images for microbial data analysis, assembly and statistical processing. Also, we will soon offer various preselected and readily usable biological databases and sequence collections like NCBI GenBank, RefSeq, Pfam or preprocessed human genomes, which will be made available via a shared file system for immediate use. Thus, users can start analyzing their data right away without the tedious need to collect and preprocess required databases.

In cooperation with our BiGi partners at Bielefeld University, the BiBiGrid framework is available, which provides an easy means to setup cloud-based computing clusters to process large data amounts in parallel, as e.g. required for processing metagenome or transcriptome data. On top of the BiBiGrid framework, we provide one of the most recent additions to our portfolio of bioinformatics applications, the ASAP application, which can be used for the concurrent analysis, assembly, annotation and comparative analysis of bacterial genomes. Based on this unique combination and powered by the de.NBI cloud at JLU Giessen, we are currently able to easily analyze thousands of microbial genomes each day.

In addition to the general-purpose computing servers, we have several ActiveMotif Decypher FPGA-based systems available, which provide hardware-accelerated versions of selected bioinformatics applications, such as sequence homology searches required for genome analysis and annotation as well as metagenome data processing. Currently, we are evaluating several solutions to make these systems also available to our cloud users. Furthermore, simplified deployment of Hadoop-based elastic and flexible data analysis environments, customizable by each individual user, will be offered in the first half of 2018.

As of summer 2017, the de.NBI cloud setup in Giessen spans about 80 hosts with more than 2,600 cores, a total of 48 TB RAM, 140 TB of local SSD storage in compute hosts, and about 500 TB of distributed storage for volumes and object storage.

Symposium Venue

The symposium will be held at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) of Bielefeld University, Methoden 1, 33615 Bielefeld.

 Haltestellen zif DirectionsSketch UniBi 

The nearest and most convenient airports to Bielefeld are

  • Hannover (HAJ) - Train to Bielefeld ˜ hour 25 minutes
  • Dortmund (DTM) - Train to Bielefeld ˜ hour 15 minutes
  • Düsseldorf (DUS) - Train to Bielefeld ˜ 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Köln / Bonn (CGN) - Train to Bielefeld ˜ 2.5 hours

In order to find a detailed overview of train connections, please visit

To reach the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), please take one of the following tram or bus lines:

By tram

  • Tram line 4 from central station or Jahnplatz, direction Lohmannshof,
    exits 'Bültmannshof' or 'Universität'

By bus (directly)

  • Bus 21 from Jahnplatz, direction Gesamtschule/Werther
  • Bus 61 from central station or Jahnplatz, direction Halle/ZOB
  • Bus 62 from central station or Jahnplatz, direction Borgholzhausen/Schützenhaus

All bus lines: Exit at bus stop 'Uni-Studentenwohnheim', duration ca. 12 minutes.


Accommodation may be booked in one of the following hotels which provide special rates for conference participants. All rates refer to single rooms with en-suite facilities per night including breakfast.

Hotel Bielefelder Hof (rate 88 EUR)
(keyword: de.NBI-Symposium) valid until 23 SEP 2017

Address: Am Bahnhof 3, D-33602 Bielefeld
Telephone: +49 521 52 82 0 
Fax: +49 521 52 82 10 0
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Arcadia Hotel Bielefeld (rate 75 EUR)
(keyword: de.NBI-Symposium)
valid until 29 SEP 2017

Address: Niederwall 31-35, D-33602 Bielefeld
Telephone: +49 521 52 53 0
Fax: +49 521 52 53 444
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mercure Hotel Bielefeld Johannisberg
(rate 85 EUR single room, 105 EUR double room)
(keyword: de.NBI-Symposium) valid until 29 SEP 2017

Address: Am Johannisberg 5, D-33602 Bielefeld
Telephone: +49 521 92 38 0
Fax: +49 521 92 38 250
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further Information
For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2nd International de.NBI Symposium.
Please register to the conference by using the ONLINE REGISTRATION.
Deadline for registration:
10 October 2017

Registration Fees

 Attendee's affiliation
 Fee in EUR
 Student  50 EUR
 Academia  150 EUR
 300 EUR

The registration fee covers snacks, coffee, lunch and conference dinner. Please follow the payment details provided by the online registration process.

Submission of Abstracts

Please submit your poster presentation abstract by using the online registration above. Six of the most competitive posters will be selected for oral presentations (15 min each) in the session Short Contributions of Young Scientists.
Deadline for submission: 30 September 2017

Opening Lecture

Distinguished Conference Lecture

Niklas Blomberg / ELIXIR, UK

Barend Mons / DTL, NL

Confirmed Conference Lecturers

  • Amos Bairoch / Geneva, CH
  • Peter Belmann / Bielefeld, DE
  • Markus Göker / Braunschweig, DE
  • Alex Mitchell / Hinxton, UK
  • Susheel Varma / Hinxton, UK
  • Stein Aerts / Leuven, BE
  • Jörn Walter / Saarbrücken, DE
  • Sameer Velankar / Hinxton, DE
  • Ivo Hofacker / Vienna, AT
  • Jan Gorodkin / Frederiksberg, DK
  • Rolf Backofen / Freiburg, DE
  • Trinad Chakraborty / Gießen, DE
  • Matt Clark / Norwich, UK
  • Guy Cochrane / Hinxton, UK
  • Pascal Falter-Braun / München, DE
  • Paul Kersey / Hinxton, UK
  • Ola Spjuth / Uppsala, SE
  • Christoph Steinbeck / Jena, DE
  • Yves Vandenbrouck / Grenoble, FR
  • Juan Antonio Vizcaino / Hinxton, UK


Scientific Program
To view the program, please click here

Abstract Book
To view the Abstract Book, please click here


Organizing and Scientific Committee

  • Rolf Backofen / University of Freiburg, Freiburg
  • Peer Bork / EMBL, Heidelberg
  • Tanja Dammann-Kalinowski / Bielefeld University, Bielefeld
  • Roland Eils / DKFZ / Heidelberg University, Heidelberg
  • Martin Eisenacher / Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum
  • Frank Oliver Glöckner / Jacobs University / MPI, Bremen
  • Björn Grüning / University of Freiburg, Freiburg
  • Heidrun Gundlach / Helmholtz Zentrum München, Neuherberg
  • Oliver Kohlbacher / University of Tübingen, Tübingen
  • Christian Lawerenz / DKFZ, Heidelberg
  • Steffen Neumann / IPB Halle, Halle (Saale)
  • Alfred Pühler / Bielefeld University, Bielefeld
  • Uwe Scholz / IPK Gatersleben, Gatersleben
  • Dietmar Schomburg / Technische Universität Braunschweig, Braunschweig
  • Alexander Sczyrba / Bielefeld University, Bielefeld
  • Jens Stoye / Bielefeld University, Bielefeld
  • Andreas Tauch / Bielefeld University, Bielefeld
  • Björn Usadel / Forschungszentrum Jülich, Jülich
  • Wolfgang Müller / Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Heidelberg

The 2nd International de.NBI-Symposium is funded by BMBF (FKZ 031A532B).

Today and tomorrow:

QIIME Contribution Fest

de.NBI would like to thank you for taking the time to complete this Evaluation.

Your feedback allows us to continuously improve our services and trainings. Thank You!

A list of articles and resources about the de.NBI network:

  • Ärzteblatt 04/18, "Neue Open-Source-Platt­form für die Analyse von Big Data in den Lebens­wissenschaften", by B. Grüning
  • BIOSpektrum 04/18, "Umgang mit großen Datenmengen in den Lebenswissenschaften (Page 199)", by A. Pühler
  • Systembiologie 12/17, "BioInfra.Prot – Bioinformatik für die Proteomforschung", by M. Turewicz and M. Eisenacher
  • Systembiologie 12/17, "de.NBI erfolgreich etabliert", by Y. Pfeiffenschneider
  • Briefings in Bioinformatics 10/17, "A generally applicable lightweight method for calculating a value structure for tools and services in bioinformatics infrastructure projects", by G. Mayer, C. Quast, J. Felden, M. Lange, M. Prinz, A. Pühler, C. Lawerenz, U. Scholz, F. O. Glöckner, W. Müller, K. Marcus, M. Eisenacher
  • de.NBI Handbook 09/17, "Handbook of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure", by all de.NBI members
  • Git Laborportal 04/17, "Cloud-Computing in der Bioinformatik", by C. Lawerenz, A. Sczyrba and A. Pühler
  • Briefings in Bioinformatics 04/17, "Bioinformatics in Germany: toward a national-level infrastructure", by A. Tauch
  • LaborPraxis 03/17, "Big Data im Life-Science-Labor", by Dr. Ilka Ottleben
  • Gesundheitsindustrie BW 03/17, "de.NBI – Netzwerk für Bioinformatik-Infrastruktur wird weiter ausgebaut", by & O. Kohlbacher
  • BIOSpektrum 01/17, "de.NBI – ein Deutsches Netzwerk für Bioinformatik-Infrastruktur", by A. Pühler
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "Deutsches Netzwerk für Bioinformatik-Infrastruktur – de.NBI", by A. Pühler
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "RNA-Bioinformatik unter einem Dach – das RNA Bioinformatik Service Zentrum", by B. Grüning
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "BRENDA – Von der Datenbank zum Kompetenzzentrum", by D. Schomburg and I. Schomburg
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "NBI-SysBio – Der de.NBI Datenmanagement Knoten", by W. Müller
  • Systembiologie 04/16, "Entwicklung von Software-Lösungen für Mikrobielle Bioinformatik", by A. Goesmann
  • labor&more 02/16, "de.NBI und GFBio - Bioinformatische Infrastrukturen zum Management und zur Analyse großer biologischer Datenmengen in den Lebenswissenschaften", by A. Tauch and F. O. Glöckner
  • BIOSpektrum 02/15, "Deutsches Netzwerk für Bioinformatik-Infrastruktur (de.NBI) - Vernetzung von Bioinformatik-Infrastrukturen in Deutschland", by A. Pühler

A list of articles including manuscripts of the de.NBI special issue in Journal of Biotechnology:

  • Journal of Biotechnology 09/17, "The SeqAn C++ template library for efficient sequence analysis: A resource for programmers" by K. Reinert, T. H. Dadi, M. Ehrhardt, H. Hauswedell, S. Mehringer, R. Rahn, J. Kim, C. Pockrandt, J. Winkler, E. Siragusa, G. Urgese, D. Weese
  • Journal of Biotechnology 08/17, "Bioinformatics for NGS-based metagenomics and the application to biogas research" by S. Jünemann, N. Kleinbölting, S. Jaenicke, C. Henke, J. Hassa, J. Nelkner, Y. Stolze, S. P. Albaum, A. Schlüter, A. Goesmann, A. Sczyrba, J. Stoye
  • Journal of Biotechnology 08/17, "Strategies for analyzing bisulfite sequencing data" by K. Wreczycka, A. Gosdschan, D. Yusuf, B. Grüning, Y. Assenov, A. Akalin
  • Journal of Biotechnology 08/17, "Lipidomics informatics for life-science" by D. Schwudke, A. Shevchenko, N. Hoffmann, R. Ahrends
  • Journal of Biotechnology 08/17, "OTP: An automatized system for managing and processing NGS data" by E. Reisinger, L. Genthner, J. Kerssemakers, P. Kensche, S. Borufka, A. Jugold, A. Kling, M. Prinz, I. Scholz, G. Zipprich, R. Eils, C. Lawerenz, J. Eils
  • Journal of Biotechnology 08/17, "Terminology supported archiving and publication of environmental science data in PANGAEA" M. Diepenbroek, U. Schindler, R. Huber, S. Pesant, M. Stocker, J. Felden, M. Buss, M. Weinrebe
  • Journal of Biotechnology 08/17, "Workflows for microscopy image analysis and cellular phenotyping", by T. Wollmann, H. Erfle, R. Eils, K. Rohr, M. Gunkel
  • Journal of Biotechnology 08/17, "KNIME for reproducible cross-domain analysis of life science data", by A. Fillbrunn, C. Dietz, J. Pfeuffer, R. Rahn, G. A. Landrum, M. R. Berthold
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "A review of bioinformatics platforms for comparative genomics. Recent developments of the EDGAR 2.0 platform and its utility for taxonomic and phylogenetic studies", by J. Yu, J. Blom, S.P. Glaeser, S. Jaenicke, T. Juhre, O. Rupp, O. Schwengers, S. Spänig, A. Goesmann
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "Bioinformatics in the plant genomic and phenomic domain: The German contribution to resources, services and perspectives", by T. Schmutzer, M. E. Bolger, S. Rudd, J. Chen, H. Gundlach, D. Arend, M. Oppermann, S. Weise, M. Lange, M. Spannagl, B. Usadel, K. F.X. Mayer, U. Scholz
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "Recent advances in RNA folding", by J. Fallmann, S. Will, J. Engelhardt, B. Grüning, R. Backofen, P. F. Stadler
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "Customized workflow development and data modularization concepts for RNA-Sequencing and metatranscriptome experiments", by S. C. Lott, M. Wolfien, K. Riege, A. Bagnacani, O. Wolkenhauer, S. Hoffmann, W. R. Hess
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "Challenges and perspectives of metaproteomic data analysis", by R. Heyer, K. Schallert, R. Zoun, B. Becher, G. Saake, D. Benndorf
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "Phenotype databases for genetic screens in human cells", by B. Rauscher, E. Valentini, U. Hardeland, M. Boutros
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "From cheminformatics to structure-based design: Web services and desktop applications based on the NAOMI library", by S. Bietz, T. Inhester, F. Lauck, K. Sommer, M. M. von Behren, R. Fährrolfes, F. Flachsenberg, A. Meyder, E. Nittinger, T. Otto, M. Hilbig, K. T. Schomburg, A. Volkamer, M. Rarey
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "RNA-bioinformatics: Tools, services and databases for the analysis of RNA-based regulation", by R. Backofen, J. Engelhardt, A. Erxleben, J. Fallmann, B. Grüning, U. Ohler, N. Rajewsky, P. F. Stadler
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "25 years of serving the community with ribosomal RNA gene reference databases and tools", by F. O. Glöckner, P. Yilmaz, C. Quast, J. Gerken, A. Beccati, A. Ciuprina, G. Bruns, P. Yarzac, J. Pepliesc, R. Westram, W. Ludwig
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "COPASI and its applications in biotechnology", by F. T. Bergmann, S. Hoops, B. Klahn, U. Kummer, P. Mendes, J. Pahle, S. Sahle
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "Computational proteomics tools for identification and quality control", by D. Kopczynski, A. Sickmann, R. Ahrends
  • Journal of Biotechnology 07/17, "Data management and data enrichment for systems biology projects", by U. Wittig, M. Rey, A. Weidemann, W. Müller
  • Journal of Biotechnology 06/17, "OpenMS – A platform for reproducible analysis of mass spectrometry data", by J. Pfeuffer, T. Sachsenberg, O. Alka, M. Walzer, A. Fillbrunn, L. Nilse, O. Schilling, K. Reinert, O. Kohlbacher
  • Journal of Biotechnology 06/17, "BioInfra.Prot: A Comprehensive Proteomics Workflow Including Data Standardization, Protein Inference, Expression Analysis and Data Publication", by M. Turewicz, M. Kohl, M. Ahrens, G. Mayer, J. Uszkoreit, W. Naboulsi, T. Bracht, D.A. Megger, B. Sitek, K. Marcus, M. Eisenacher
  • Journal of Biotechnology 06/17, "From Plant Genomes to Phenotypes", by M. Bolger M, R. Schwacke, H. Gundlach, T. Schmutzer, J. Chen, D. Arend, M. Oppermann, S. Weise, M. Lange, F. Fiorani, M. Spannagl, U. Scholz, K. Mayer, B. Usadel
  • Journal of Biotechnology 05/17, "Bioinformatics can boost metabolomics research", by R. Meier, C. Ruttkies, H. Treutler, S. Neumann
  • Journal of Biotechnology 05/17, "Use of CellNetAnalyzer in biotechnology and metabolic engineering", by von A. von Kamp, S. Thiele, O. Hädicke, S. Klamt
  • Journal of Biotechnology 05/17, "Mobilization and integration of bacterial phenotypic data-Enabling next generation biodiversity analysis through the BacDive metadatabase", by L. C. Reimer, C. Söhngen, A. Vetcininova, J. Overmann
  • Journal of Biotechnology 04/17, "The BRENDA enzyme information system–From a database to an expert system", by I. Schomburg, L. Jeske, M. Ulbrich, S. Placzek, A. Chang, D. Schomburg

Latest Edition of the de.NBI Quarterly Newsletter

thumb quarterly newsletter 12 

12th de.NBI Newsletter
Issue 2/18 - May 2018

  • Launch of
  • Training by associated partners in Kiel
  • de.NBI @ conferences

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Comprehensive Information on the Network

thumb deNBI Handbook 

de.NBI Handbook
Released September 2017

  • How de.NBI is structured
  • Presentations of all Partners
  • Index of Persons/Contact Details

Past QNL Editions/Archive

thumb quarterly newsletter 11 

11th de.NBI Newsletter
Issue 1/18 - February 2018

  • 12th CeBiTec Symposium
  • ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2018
  • de.NBI Winter School 2018
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10th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition November 2017

  • 2nd international de.NBI symposium
  • de.NBI Midterm Review
  • de.NBI LSS 2017
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9th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition August 2017

  • de.NBI Handbook
  • Special Issue of de.NBI tools
  • 2nd international de.NBI symposium
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8th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition May 2017

  • Node application approved by ELIXIR
  • new chairpersons for SIGs
  • 2nd international de.NBI symposium
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7th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition February 2017

  • de.NBI SAB meeting
  • 1st de.NBI cloud coordination meeting
  • New de.NBI flyer
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6th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition November 2016

  • International de.NBI symposium
  • de.NBI Late Summer School 2016
  • de.NBI Twitter Channel
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5th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition August 2016

  • Germany joins ELIXIR
  • Visits to de.NBI service centers
  • de.NBI symposium and mini symposium
thumb quarterly newsletter 04 4th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition May 2016
  • de.NBI partner projects
  • ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2016
  • Report on the HD Cloud Workshop
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3rd de.NBI Newsletter
Edition February 2016

  • The de.NBI-ELIXIR collaboration
  • de.NBI development plan 2016
  • ELIXIR tools and service registry hackathon
 thumb quarterly newsletter 02

2nd de.NBI Newsletter
Edition October 2015

  • Reports of the five SIGs
  • de.NBI Late Summer School 2015
  • de.NBI SAB meeting in Berlin
thumb quarterly newsletter 01 

1st de.NBI Newsletter
Edition July 2015

  • Inauguration of the Central Coordination Unit
  • Forming the Scientific Advisory Board
  • The de.NBI Kick-off Meeting at Bielefeld University

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Leiter de.NBI Geschäftsstelle
Prof. Dr. Andreas Tauch

Universitätsstraße 27
33615 Bielefeld

Tel. +49 (0)521 106-8703
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Welcome to de.NBI

The 'German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure – de.NBI' is a national infrastructure supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research providing comprehensive, high-quality bioinformatics services to users in life sciences research and biomedicine. The partners organize training events, courses and summer schools on tools, standards and compute services provided by de.NBI to assist researchers to more effectively exploit their data.

To get in touch with de.NBI send your mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To stay updated about de.NBI activities, you may want to register for the Quarterly Newsletter here.

General information on the network is summarized in the Quarterly Newsletter Archive and the Literature Archive. A comprehensive Handbook presents the activities of all de.NBI partners.

An Infoflyer about the mission and activities of de.NBI can be downloaded here. In addition, an infoflyer about the de.NBI cloud is available here.


Metabolomics can be regarded as the most recent contribution to postgenomics research and involves the qualitative and quantitative analysis of all metabolites in a cell. It is the metabolome that is most closely connected to the actual phenotype of an organism and can be linked to the genotype through knowledge about biochemical pathways and gene regulatory networks. Within de.NBI metabolomics services are provided by the following units:

  • BiGi
  • Bioinfra.Prot
  • CIBI
  • GCBN

Service unit of the de.NBI consortium

  • Human
  • Plants
  • Microorganisms
  • Agriculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Environment
  • Medicine
  • Genomics
  • Metagenomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Modeling
  • Systematic phenotyping
  • Programs and workflows
  • Software libraries
  • Standards
  • Consulting
  • Databases
  • Project data management
  • Compute resources
  • Training