2018 Topic Location
08-12 Jan European Galaxy Administrator Workshop 2018 Oslo
09-12 Jan Developer training: Third-party tool integration and method development in OpenMS - EuBIC 2018 developer's meeting Ghent
23 Jan MetaProteomeAnalyzer Workshop 2018 Magdeburg
30-31 Jan Introduction to Command Line Computing Heidelberg
20 Feb Single cell RNA-seq processing and imputation tutorial Berlin
26 Feb-02 Mar 5th Galaxy high-throughput sequencing (HTS) data analysis workshop Freiburg
26-28 Feb Protein Bioinformatics Course for Beginners 2018 Heidelberg
05-08 Mar de.NBI Winter School on Computational Metabolomics Lutherstadt Wittenberg
05 Mar Eukaryote genome annotation Kiel
06 Mar Introduction to genome-wide association studies (GWAS) Kiel
07 Mar Introduction to RNA-Seq data analysis with Galaxy Kiel
07-13 Mar Applied Metaproteomics Workshop 2018 Magdeburg
08 Mar Getting Started with the de.NBI-Cloud Bielefeld
09 Mar Analysis of Mass Spectrometry and Sequence Data with KNIME - KNIME Spring Summit Berlin
11 Mar Computational Proteomics Workshop - DGMS2018 Saarbrücken
11-18 Mar SeqAn Developer Retreat Mallorca
27-29 Mar 3rd de.NBI Training Course on Metagenome Analysis Bielefeld
02-06 Apr OpenMS Developer Meeting 2018 Troia
04-05 Apr Introduction to Python Programming Heidelberg
23-25 Apr 4th de.NBI Genomics training course Gießen
24-26 Apr Tools for Systems biology modeling and data exchange: COPASI, CellNetAnalyzer, SABIO-RK, SEEK Magdeburg
30 Apr-02 May Computation and statistics for mass spectrometry and proteomics Boston
02-04 May Data Carpentry Course Heidelberg
16 May Phylogenetic reconstruction Kiel
21-23 May Workshop for Galaxy training material and skills improvement Norwich
23-25 May Computational Genomics: Bisulfite-seq analysis and data integration Berlin
28-29 May Data Carpentry Dublin
04-08 Jun DAIS Learnathon 2018 Dresden
12-13 Jun Machine Learning in R / mlR Workshop Heidelberg
13 Jun FAIR Data Management for Plant Genomics & Phenomics: Standards, Tools and Infrastructures - IB 2018 Harpenden
26-27 Jun Introduction to Linux Command Line & Basic Scripting Heidelberg
27-29 Jun A primer for RNA-Seq processing, interpreting and visualization Jena
04 Jul How to share FAIR — The FAIRDOM Data and Model Management Practice – SBMC 2018 Bremen
08-13 Jul CSAMA 2018 - Statistical Data Analysis for Genome Scale Biology Bressanone-Brixen
17-20 Jul Metagenomics Bioinformatics Hinxton
23-25 Jul Data Science for Life Science Konstanz
15 Aug Microbiome Analysis with QIIME 2 - ISME17 Leipzig
17 Aug GTN collaboration fest on metagenomics (online) Online
03-07 Sep de.NBI Summer School 2018 - Riding the Data Life Cycle Braunschweig
03-07 Sep CIBI - KNIME Cluster Hackathon Konstanz
04 Sep RNA-Seq data analysis with Galaxy for clinical applications - GMDS 2018 Osnabrück
05 Sep Galaxy for Proteomics Freiburg
06-07 Sep Introduction to data analysis in Python Heidelberg
08 Sep Computational Mass Spectrometry with OpenMS - From Algorithms to Integrated Workflows - ECCB 2018 Athens
08 Sep Modern and scalable tools for efficient analysis of very large metagenomic datasets - ECCB 2018 Athens
09 Sep From an application to a fully integrated workflow – Comprehensive software engineering with SeqAn - ECCB 2018 Athens
10 Sep Galaxy workshop - ECCB 2018 Athens


2017 Topic Location
09-10 Jan QIIME Contribution Fest Online
10 Jan Deployment of bioinformatics tools and services from Computational Proteomics – Part II: Standard formats in proteomics, data conversions and repository upload  EuBIC Winter School Semmering
12 Jan Label-free quantification and quality control with OpenMS Semmering
16-19 Jan European Galaxy Developer Workshop Illkirch/Strasbourg
13-17 Feb 3rd Galaxy High-Throughput-Sequencing (HTS) data analysis workshop Freiburg
04-20 Mar 6th Programming for Evolutionary Biology Course Leipzig
05 Mar Lipidomics: A Workshop about Lipid Function & Analysis Kiel
09-10 Mar 1st Freiburg Software Carpentry Course Freiburg
17 Mar Introduction into the Analysis of Mass Spectrometry and Sequence Data with KNIME Berlin
20-26 Mar SeqAn Developer Retreat Lissabon
26-31 Mar OpenMS Developer Retreat Troia
30-31 Mar BRENDA Workshop 2017 Braunschweig
31 Mar Using Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis for the Clinic - CASyM winter school of Systems Medicine Ljubljana
03 Apr Special Aspects of Bioinformatics for Proteomics - Proteomic Forum 2017 Potsdam
03 Apr OpenMS & KNIME - Proteomic Forum 2017 Potsdam
03-04 Apr Advanced R Programming Heidelberg
04 Apr Protein identification in mass spectrometry data using SearchGUI and PeptideShaker - Proteomic Forum 2017 Potsdam
04-05 Apr de.NBI - ELIXIR AAI Codefest - Make your services accessible via ELIXIR AAI Freiburg
01-03 May Proteomics and Metabolomics with OpenMS Boston
02-03 May MoMA Workshop Basel
22-24 May ELIXIR/GOBLET/GTN hackathon for Galaxy training material re-use Cambridge
07-09 Jun 3rd Genomics training course Gießen
11-16 Jun CSAMA 2017 - Statistical Data Analysis for Genome Scale Biology Bressanone-Brixen
16 Jun MetaProteomeAnalyzer Workshop - 2nd International Metaproteomics Symposium Alghero
18-24 Jun Fiji Developer Training (Learnathon) Dresden
19-20 Jun Software Carpentry Course Berlin
25 Jun-01 Jul de.NBI Summer School on Cloud Computing for Bioinformatics Gießen
26-28 Jun Introduction to Linux & Version Control Heidelberg
28 Jun Advanced customisation of a Galaxy instance - GCC Montpellier
28 Jun Galaxy for Proteomics - GCC Montpellier
28 Jun Galaxy for Training & Education - GCC Montpellier
28 Jun How to analyze metagenomic and amplicon data in Galaxy - GCC Montpellier
29 Jun BIMSB Galaxy Course - using Galaxy for RNA-seq analysis Berlin
03-04 Jul Workflow Management with CWL: Bring your own Workflow Heidelberg
21 Jul Making Galaxy work for you - ISMB 2017 Prag
26-28 Jul Introduction to Python programming Heidelberg
26-28 Jul Data Science for the Life Sciences Konstanz
06 Aug COMBINE Tutorial - Modelling and Simulation Tools in Systems Biology - ICSB 2017 Blacksburg
07 Aug COPASI Tutorial - ICSB 2017 Blacksburg
07-11 Aug KNIME Cluster Hackathon Konstanz
21-25 Aug Deep Learning with Keras Dresden
04-05 Sep Software Carpentry Würzburg
07 Sep Analysis, visualization and integration of multi-level omics data Bielefeld
11-12 Sep Phylogeny for Beginners: a two day hands on tutorial München
12-13 Sep Stoichiometric and kinetic modeling of biochemical networks using CellNetAnalyzer and COPASI Heidelberg
18 Sep Computational Mass Spectrometry - GCB 2017 Tübingen
18-22 Sep 4th Galaxy high-throughput sequencing (HTS) data analysis workshop Freiburg
20-29 Sep de.NBI, DAIS & KNIME Hackathon Konstanz
25-27 Sep PLANT 2030 Summer School – Basic Bioinformatics training for Biologists Gatersleben
25-27 Sep SeqAn User Meeting 2017 Halle
25-27 Sep OpenMS User Meeting 2017 Halle
25-29 Sep de.NBI Late Summer School 2017 - Computational genomics and RNA biology Berlin
27-29 Sep Data Interpretation of RNASeq and Bisulfite Sequencing Data in Cancer Research Heidelberg
04-06 Oct A primer for RNA-Seq processing, interpreting and visualization Freiburg
11-12 Oct Introduction to BRENDA & ProteinPlus Braunschweig
18-20 Oct Software Carpentry Workshop Heidelberg
06-07 Nov Virtualized Research Environments - Provisioning and Data Management Freiburg
06-10 Nov From Primer to Paper: Training in Microbial Biodiversity Analysis Bremen
12 Nov Computational lipidomics: identification and quantification of lipids Borstel
13 Nov Differential analysis of quantitative proteomics data using R Bochum
15-16 Nov de.NBI - GFBio & Friends Data Management Workshop Bremen
22-23 Nov FAIRDOM - LiSyM - de.NBI Data Structuring Course Hünfeld
22-24 Nov de.NBI - CeBiTec Nanopore Best Practice Workshop Bielefeld
27-29 Nov 3rd de.NBI Bioimage Analysis Workshop Heidelberg
28 Nov OpenStack Cloud Hands-On Gießen
30 Nov-01 Dec DNA Methylation: Design to Discovery Saarbrücken
04 Dec Introduction to Software Deployment in Virtualized Research Environments Freiburg
07 Dec Tool-Training for Proteomics Bochum
03-16 Dec Hackathon – Fiji, ImageJ, and KNIME development 2017 Dresden


2016 Topic Location
12-22 Jan KNIME BioInformatics Hackathon Konstanz
22-26 Feb Galaxy workshop on HTS data analysis Freiburg
22-26 Feb KNIME Spring Summit Workshop 2016 Berlin
28 Feb Spezielle Aspekte von Bioinformatik - Methoden in der MS–basierten Proteomik Hamburg
28 Feb Von Spektren zu Ergebnissen: Effiziente Analyse von massenspektrometrischen Daten mit Workflows Hamburg
13-18 Mar OpenMS Developer Meeting Milford Hall
30 Mar-01 Apr SeqAn de.NBI User Meeting Berlin
26 Apr Workflow based metabolomics a de.NBI teaching event at the Metabolomics in Biomedical Research workshop Tübingen
30-31 May Kinetics on the move: practical workshop on data and tools for quantitative modeling Heidelberg
05-14 Jul Hackathon - KNIME & Image Processing Konstanz
10-15 Jul CSAMA 2016 - Statistics and Computing in Genome Data Science Padova
17-18 Aug BIMSB Galaxy Workshop – Using Galaxy for RNA-seq analysis Berlin
29 Aug-2 Sep Targeted and Untargeted Metagenome Analysis Bielefeld
12 Sep Cloud Computing Tutorial Berlin
12 Sep Label-free quantification using OpenMS and workflows Berlin
12-23 Sep Computational genomics approaches to precision medicine Berlin
16 Sep ICSB2016 Tutorial: Modelling and Simulation Tools in Systems Biology Barcelona
19-21 Sep Software Carpentry Workshop Heidelberg
19-23 Sep 2nd Galaxy Workshop on HTS data analysis Freiburg
21-23 Sep 9th OpenMS User Meeting Tübingen
21-23 Sep 2nd Genomics training course Gießen
26-30 Sep de.NBI Summer School 2016 - From Big Data to Big Insights Dagstuhl castle
26-30 Sep Summer School: RNA-Seq Leipzig
27-28 Sep Hackathon on Conda packaging for Proteomics Online
28-30 Sep Data Interpretation of RNASeq and Bisulfite Sequencing Data in Cancer Research Heidelberg
05-07 Oct NGS Workshop 2016 - The path from raw sequences to biological conclusions Aachen
06-07 Oct Galaxy training contribution fest Online
11-12 Oct Microscopy Image Analysis Course Heidelberg
13 Oct Polyomics data integration and analysis Bielefeld
13-14 Oct Data Interpretation of Whole-Genome and Exome Sequencing Data in Cancer Research Heidelberg
19-21 Oct Big Data Training Course in Plant Genomics Gatersleben
26-27 Oct Software Carpentry's Workshop Würzburg
02 Nov Introduction into the bacterial diversity metadatabase BacDive Braunschweig
02-03 Nov Bioconda Contribution Fest Online
21 Nov Differential analysis of proteomic data using R Bochum
22-25 Nov From Primer to Paper: Training in Biodiversity Analysis using NGS Amplicon Data Bremen
05-06 Dec 2nd de.NBI Bioimage Analysis Workshop Heidelberg
08-09 Dec IPB Metabolomics workshop 2016 - Christmas Edition Halle (Saale)
06-16 Dec Hackathon – Fiji, ImageJ, and KNIME development Dresden
15-16 Dec Galaxy RNA-sequencing data analysis workshop Freiburg


2015 Topic Location
16-17 Jul RNAseq workshop Freiburg
14-15 Sep Bioinformatics Hackathon Berlin
16-18 Sep 8th Open MS User Meeting Bochum
20-26 Sep de.NBI Late Summer School 2015 in Microbial Bioinformatics Gießen
21-25 Sep NGS hands-on workshop Freiburg
27 Sep Fundamentals of Proteome Bioinformatics Revisited Dortmund
07-08 Oct Data Interpretation for NGS Data in Cancer Research Heidelberg
13-14 Oct Training in BRENDA/BacDive modules Braunschweig
18-24 Oct Computational Genomics hands-on workshop Berlin
03-04 Nov CLC workshop Gießen
16-17 Nov High-throughput genome analysis and comparative genomics Gießen
23-25 Nov Introduction into targeted and untargeted metagenome
01-04 Dec ARB/SILVA and BacDive: Training on microbial phylogeny and diversity analysis Bremen
02-04 Dec Bioimage Analysis Workshop Heidelberg
07-08 Dec Data Management for Plant Genomics & Phenomics - Standards, Tools and Infrastructures München
15-16 Dec Python workshop Freiburg