ELIXIR Germany Central Coordination Unit (CCU)

The Central Coordination Unit (CCU) is the decision-making body of ELIXIR Germany and responsible for the effective operation of the scientific, technical and administrative structures. The ELIXIR Germany CCU is on duty to control that the consortium’s activities comply with the goals of ELIXIR Europe to build a single infrastructure of life science resources within Europe.

The board of the CCU consists of the ELIXIR Germany Head of Node and delegates of eight service units. Those delegates were nominated by the members of ELIXIR Germany. 

 AKP2097  Andreas Tauch
Head of Node of ELIXIR-DE
CCU Chairperson
Bielefeld, Germany
pi Björn Grüning Björn Grüning
Delegate of RNA Bioinformatics Unit
Freiburg, Germany
pi chris lawerenz Christian Lawerenz
Delegate of Human Bioinformatics Unit
Heidelberg, Germany
pi martin eisenacher Martin Eisenacher
Delegate of Bioinformatics for Proteomics Unit
Bochum, Germany
 ELIXIR Janine Felden Janine Felden
Delegate of BioData Services
Bremen, Germany
pi alexander goesmann Alexander Goesmann
Delegate of Microbial Bioinformatics Unit
Gießen, Germany
pi oliver kohlbacher Oliver Kohlbacher
Delegate of Integrative Bioinformatics Unit
Tübingen, Germany
Ulrike Wittig 2 Ulrike Wittig
Delegate of Systems Biology Unit
Heidelberg, Germany
 pi heidrun gundlach Heidrun Gundlach
Delegate of Crop Plant (Green) Bioinformatics Unit
Gatersleben, Germany