Cloud Center Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Center of Human Bioinformatics HD-HuB, provides a cloud solution for life scientists, including rich data sets and standardized pipelines as well as bare compute infrastructure in order to meet the wide range of user requirements spanning the biological research community.

Together the HD-HuB partner institutions have experience in working with a broad range of biological datasets, developing state-of-the-art bioinformatics methods and infrastructure for their analysis. Our particularly strong expertise in processing large-scale human genomic and imaging data (e.g. PCAWG, ICGC) influences the Heidelberg de.NBI cloud's major focus on data and infrastructure. We aim at the standardization of analysis approaches to improve comparability of data sets across institutions, to enable integrative analyses and meta-analyses. We are committed to the FAIR principles of data sharing.

The major goal of the de.NBI cloud site in Heidelberg is to make state-of-the-art tools for analyzing human genomics, metagenomics, and microscopy image data widely accessible.

Services are provided in all of the "classic" cloud areas:



The de.NBI cloud infrastructure in Heidelberg is comprised of 4096 cores, 32 TByte RAM, 8 TByte RAM in high-memory nodes, 100 TByte SSD and 2,5 PByte storage capacity. FPGAs ensure rapid processing of genomic alignments. GPUs are available for deep learning approaches on massive amounts of labeled data.

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