R. Eils, HiDiH Berlin
Service center:
Heidelberg Center for Human Bioinformatics – HD-HuB

Magellan is a web application for the display and analysis of next-generation sequencing data with a focus on COVID-19 diseases. The application runs on the de.NBI cloud infrastructure. The focus of the omics data is on single-cell sequencing data, but other omics data, such as epigenetic data, will also be integrated in the long term. The visualization of bulk Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS) Data will allow an analysis of condition dependent methylation patterns in promotor regions of coding genes and certain enhancer regions. The average CpG methylation of a genetic region is used as a marker for the specific Region.
The goal is to provide free access to the highly relevant data of COVID-19 patients for the community. The data can be freely accessed via customizable plots. This enables scientists and medical professionals to test their own hypotheses or generate new ones. If required, extended direct access to the data can be requested and checked. Magellan currently provides access to previously published data on gene expression in various lung tissue samples (see BioRxiv preprint). Magellan will soon provide access to data on the temporal gene expression of COVID-19 patients.

For further information, visit https://digital.bihealth.org/
To see the BioRxiv preprint, visit

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Screenshot of the Magellan website.