Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are small discussion groups of de.NBI experts from all de.NBI units and are established by the Central Coordination Unit (CCU). These subcommittees focus on topics relevant for operational and strategic decisions by the de.NBI management. Meetings of the SIGs are generally chaired by a member of the CCU. Five Special Interest Groups have been established by the CCU: SIG1 Web presence; SIG2 Service and service monitoring; SIG3 Training and education; SIG4 Infrastructure and data management; SIG5 de.NBI development.

SIG 1 - Web presence

pi jens stoye Jens Stoye
SIG 1 Chairperson
Bielefeld, Germany
pi andreas tauch Andreas Tauch
Deputy Chairman
Bielefeld, Germany

SIG 2 - Service & service monitoring

pi frank oliver gloeckner Frank Oliver Glöckner
SIG 2 Chairperson
Bremen, Germany
pi uwe scholz Uwe Scholz
Deputy Chairman
Gatersleben, Germany

SIG 3 - Training & eduction

pi oliver kohlbacher Oliver Kohlbacher
SIG 3 Chairperson
Tübingen, Germany
pi rolf backofen Rolf Backofen
Deputy Chairman
Freiburg, Germany

SIG 4 - Infrastructure & data management

pi martin eisenacher Martin Eisenacher
SIG 4 Chairperson
Bochum, Germany
pi wolfgang mueller Wolfgang Müller
Deputy Chairman
Heidelberg, Germany

SIG 5 - de.NBI development

pi alfred puehler Alfred Pühler
SIG 5 Chairperson
Bielefeld, Germany
pi roland eils Roland Eils
Deputy Chairman
Heidelberg, Germany