Well over 30 people from all over Europe (not just Germany and Switzerland) attended the "Swiss German Galaxy Tour 2016" which took place over two days in Freiburg, Germany, mid October.

On the first day several talks highlighted new developments coming from the wide Galaxy community, including updates wrt training and tool development. Participants had a chance to show how they use Galaxy and how they have implemented Galaxy locally. Many took the opportunity to discuss their challenges. And it was great to see how quickly solutions emerged from the group of participants.

On the second, we tried a new hackathon format: A topic was presented with a short theoretical introduction. This was followed by 90 minutes of hacking and 15 minutes discussion. During the introduction a set of starting points was shown allowing the beginner to explore the topic and the advanced user to work on a real case. Three such mini hackathons were run covering: creating Conda packages, Galaxy tours, and creating Galaxy Docker flavors.

We would like to thank for the financial support we got from de.NBI ELIXIR and for all the help we got from the Galaxy team, especially for sending Dannon over to Europe. It was great to have him, and the event profited a lot from him.

We are looking forward to the next Swiss German Galaxy Tour.

Björn and Hans-Rudolf