The de.NBI cloud is a fully academic cloud infrastructure, free of charge for academic users, where currently five cloud centers provide compute and storage resources.

During 2017, de.NBI was integrated into ELIXIR AAI which acts as a backbone for the connection of the five compute centers and allows users to manage cloud projects and access the cloud infrastructure using the authentication service of their home institutions.

In this webinar (Wed 7 March 2018, 14:00 CET), Peter Belmann (de.NBI cloud governance) presented how de.NBI made use of ELIXIR AAI and demonstrated how a potential user logs in to the portal, applies for and manages his project, and finally starts using the assigned resources in the cloud.

Michal Prochazka of ELIXIR-CZ complemented Peter’s presentation by describing how the integration was done on the ELIXIR AAI side.