Tool Topic Level
Brenda Introduction to BRENDA Beginner
Seqan Introduction to SeqAN Beginner/Advanced
knime logo Introduction to KNIME Beginner

Insights into Galaxy Freiburg Beginner/Advanced
ipklogo Big Data Training Course in Plant Genomics Beginner
Chipseq Chipseq analyis in Galaxy Beginner
RNAseq Transcriptomics in Galaxy Beginner
 100816 logo copasi sm Introduction to COPASI Beginner
 BacDive Introduction to BacDive Beginner
 OpenMS logo1 Introduction to OpenMS Beginner
 OpenMS logo1 Lecture Computational Proteomics and Metabolomics Beginner
 HD Introduction to ChipSeq Analysis Beginner
 HD Phenotype Databases for Functional Genomics Beginner
 HD Kinematic Galaxy-RNA-Workbench Beginner
 HD Introduction to SABIO-RK Beginner
 HD Help for Bioconductor Beginner/Advanced/Experts
 HD Introduction into KNIME image analysis for life scientists Beginner
 HD Introduction to Linux and Version Control Beginner
 HD Introduction to Software CarpentrySoftware Carpentry Beginner
 HD Workflow Management with CWL: Bring your own Workflow Beginner
RNAseq Assembly using Galaxy Beginner
RNAseq Epigenetics in Galaxy Beginner
RNAseq Metagenomics in Galaxy Beginner
RNAseq Proteomics in Galaxy Beginner
RNAseq Sequence analysis using Galaxy Beginner
RNAseq Variant analysis using Galaxy Beginner
RNAseq Introduction to Galaxy Server administration Advanced/Experts
RNAseq Introduction to Developments in Galaxy Advanced/Experts
RNAseq Galaxy - Train the Trainers Advanced/Experts
 OpenMS logo1 Introduction to quantitative proteomics Beginner
 OpenMS logo1 Introduction to label-free quantitative proteomics Beginner
 OpenMS logo1 Introduction to non-targeted metabolomics Beginner
ipklogo Basis Bioinformatics Training for Biologists Beginner
BiBiServ Introduction to BiBiServ Beginner/Advance
MetLogoCube Green Introduction into MetFrag Beginner
ipklogo The de.NBI/ELIXIR-DE service "PGP" for phenomics data publication Beginner
CNA logo Introduction to CellNetAnalyzer Beginner