ProCon - application for conversion into the standard formats mzIdentML / PRIDE XML

ProCon is a Java 7 application for conversion of data from proteomics result files or a LIMS (Laboratory Information management System) database into the standard formats mzIdentML / PRIDE XML. In detail ProCon allows the conversion of:

  • Peptide information of Sequest .out or Comet .out files into mzIdentML 1.1
  • ProteomeDiscoverer 1.x (x=1, …, 4) .msf (and .prot.xml for PD 1.1 and PD 1.2) files into mzIdentML 1.1
  • ProteinScape 1.3 results into PRIDE XML
  • ProteinScape 2.1 results into mzIdentML 1.1.

Find this service in BioTools here.

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Funding: Service provision and maintenance funded by de.NBI.