Proteomics toolbox

We provide a proteomics software toolbox (i.e. offering pre-installed, pre-configured and tested own tools and free third-party software) on our hardware infrastructure. The current version of the Proteomics Toolbox contains the following software tools:
- Protein Inference Algorithms (PIA)
- ProtoArray Analyzer (PAA)
- Protein List Comparison (ProLiC)
- PeptideShaker, SearchGUI
- for MRM / AQUA calibration: CalibraCurve
- MS tool suite: OpenMS
- MaxQuant
- Targeted Proteomics Environment: Skyline
- workflow environment: KNIME Analytics Platform
- spectrum identification search engines: X!TAndem, OMSSA, MS-GF+, Myrimatch (via KNIME nodes, but also executable as standalone)
- conversion tools ProCon, ProteoWizard
- selected frequently used protein databases
- statistics environment: R & R Studio

The toolbox can be used on our high-performance hardware infrastructure via high-bandwidth internet connection or at your site (via virtualization). 

Find this service in BioTools here.

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Funding: Service provision and maintenance funded by de.NBI.