Are you tired of running your analyses on that ancient computer in the corner of the lab? Well, fear not my friends, because the de.NBI Cloud is here to save the day!


With new high-throughput sequencing, multimodal imaging and other molecular analysis technologies, like mass spectrometry, we're generating more data than ever before, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to store and analyze it all. The de.NBI Cloud not only provides the necessary infrastructure for processing and storing large datasets, but it also ensures secure data access and temporary storage. 

What’s more? If you are a computing wizard, you may like our OpenStack or Kubernetes offerings, but fear not, even if you can not reassemble your computer in the dark with your hands tied behind your back you can still use our infrastructure with SimpleVM. Just pick a virtual machine size that fits your computing needs, select one of our pre-defined research environments like JupyterLab, RStudio or VisualStudio Code, optionally use BioConda to preinstall the latest bioinformatics tools for your dream workflow and get running with your project in a few minutes. Access to your VM is secured via your own home institution’s login, granted by the magic of eduGAIN federation and the powers of LifeScience AAI. You can apply for resources here.

And the best part? It's free for academics! That's right, retire your old, overworked and undersized shared lab computer and start using some real compute power. Say goodbye to slow analyses and hello to lightning-fast results or lightning-fast failure 😜.

So what are you waiting for? Join the life sciences community in Germany and start using the de.NBI Cloud today. It'll save you time, tears and possibly your sanity. Trust me, your future self will thank you. And should you ever get stuck, we have a very helpful and friendly helpdesk! No real cookies though unfortunately, only virtual ones.