2018 Topic Location
15 Aug Microbiome Analysis with QIIME 2 - ISME17 Leipzig
17 Aug GTN collaboration fest on metagenomics (online) Online
03-07 Sep de.NBI Summer School 2018 - Riding the Data Life Cycle Braunschweig
04 Sep RNA-Seq data analysis with Galaxy for clinical applications - GMDS 2018 Osnabrück
08 Sep Computational Mass Spectrometry with OpenMS - From Algorithms to Integrated Workflows - ECCB 2018 Athen
09 Sep From an application to a fully integrated workflow – Comprehensive software engineering with SeqAn - ECCB 2018 Athen
17-21 Sep 6th Galaxy HTS data analysis workshop Freiburg
19-21 Sep de.NBI - CeBiTec Nanopore Best Practice Workshop 2018 Bielefeld
19-21 Sep SeqAn User Meeting 2018 Berlin
19-21 Sep OpenMS User Meeting 2018 Berlin
19-21 Sep KNIME User Meeting 2018 Berlin
19-21 Sep DAIS User Meeting 2018 Berlin
19-21 Sep MASH User Meeting 2018 Berlin
24-28 Sep Deep Learning Bootcamp 2018 Dresden
25 Sep Label-free quantification with OpenMS - GCB 2018 Vienna
25 Sep SeqAn3 – a modern C++ library for efficient sequence analysis - GCB 2018 Vienna
25 Sep Cloud Computing Tutorial - GCB 2018 Vienna
08-10 Oct Workflow management systems in the cloud Gießen
16 Oct Tool-Training for Proteomics Bochum
16-18 Oct Software Carpentry Course Heidelberg
27 Oct COMBINE & de.NBI Tutorial: Modelling and Simulation Tools in Systems Biology – ICSB 2018 Lyon
27 Oct Advanced modeling with COPASI - ICSB 2018 Lyon
29-31 Oct 1st de.NBI Cloud User Meeting Bielefeld
11 Nov Omics data analysis with R for Beginners - Lipidomicsforum 2018 Dortmund
11 Nov Hands-On Workshop on Lipidomics Software & Pipelines - Lipidomicsforum 2018 Dortmund
13 Nov Polyomics data integration and analysis Bielefeld
19 Nov Differential analysis of quantitative proteomics data using R Bochum
19-20 Nov European Galaxy Days 2018 Freiburg

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Planned for 18 Topic Location
Q3 Microscopy Image Analysis Course Heidelberg
Q3 Data Interpretation of RNASeq and Bisulfite Sequencing Data in Cancer Research Heidelberg
Q4 Bioinformatics Hackathon Konstanz
Q4 Hackathon – Fiji, ImageJ, and KNIME development Dresden
Q4 DNA Methylation: Design to Discovery Saarbrücken
Q4 4th Course on Bioimage Analysis Heidelberg
Q4 From Primer to Paper: Training in Microbial Biodiversity Analysis Bremen