2017 Topic Location
Postponed Analysis, visualization and integration of multi-level omics data Bielefeld
18-24 Jun Fiji Developer Training (Learnathon) Dresden
25 Jun - 01 Jul de.NBI Summer School on Cloud Computing for Bioinformatics Gießen
26-28 Jun Introduction to Linux & Version Control Heidelberg
28 Jun Advanced customisation of a Galaxy instance - GCC Montpellier
28 Jun Galaxy for Proteomics - GCC Montpellier
28 Jun Galaxy for Training & Education - GCC Montpellier
28 Jun How to analyze metagenomic and amplicon data in Galaxy - GCC Montpellier
29 Jun BIMSB Galaxy Course - using Galaxy for RNA-seq analysis Berlin
03-04 Jul Workflow Management with CWL: Bring your own Workflow Heidelberg
03-05 Jul 3rd de.NBI Bioimage Analysis Workshop Heidelberg
21 Jul Making Galaxy work for you - ISMB 2017 Prag
26-28 Jul Introduction to Python programming Heidelberg
26-28 Jul Data Science for the Life Sciences Konstanz
06 Aug COMBINE Tutorial - Modelling and Simulation Tools in Systems Biology - ICSB 2017 Blacksburg
07 Aug COPASI Tutorial - ICSB 2017 Blacksburg
21-25 Aug Deep Learning with Keras Dresden
12-13 Sep Stoichiometric and kinetic modeling of biochemical networks using CellNetAnalyzer and COPASI Heidelberg
18-20 Sep Tutorials @ GCB Tübingen
18-22 Sep 4th Galaxy high-throughput sequencing (HTS) data analysis workshop Freiburg
20-29 Sep de.NBI, DAIS & KNIME Hackathon Konstanz
25-29 Sep de.NBI Late Summer School 2017 - Computational genomics and RNA biology Berlin
25-27 Sep PLANT 2030 Summer School – Basic Bioinformatics training for Biologists Gatersleben
18-20 Oct Software Carpentry Workshop Heidelberg
06-10 Nov From Primer to Paper: Training in Microbial Biodiversity Analysis Bremen
15-16 Nov de.NBI - GFBio & Friends Data Management Workshop Bremen

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Planned for '17 Topic Location
Q3 Introduction into targeted and untargeted metagenome analysis Bielefeld or Gießen
Q3 Data Interpretation of RNASeq and Bisulfite Sequencing Data in Cancer Research Heidelberg
Q3 Protein Bioinformatics Heidelberg
Q3 The path from raw sequences to biological conclusions Jülich
Q3 or Q4 OpenMS User Meeting ?
Q4 Galaxy Workshop Berlin
Q4 Introduction to BRENDA and EnzymeStructures Braunschweig
Q4 Microscopy Image Analysis Course Heidelberg
Q4 Data Interpretation of Whole-Genome and Exome Sequencing Data in Cancer Research Heidelberg
Q4 Cloud Computing Tutorial Bielefeld or Gießen
Q4 RNAseq Workshop Freiburg
Q4 Differential analysis of proteomic data using R Bochum