Latest Edition of the de.NBI Quarterly Newsletter

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6th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition November 2016

  • International de.NBI symposium
  • de.NBI Late Summer School 2016
  • de.NBI Twitter Channel

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Past Editions/Archive

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5th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition August 2016

  • Germany joins ELIXIR
  • Visits to de.NBI service centers
  • de.NBI symposium and mini symposium
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4th de.NBI Newsletter
Edition May 2016

  • de.NBI partner projects
  • ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2016
  • Report on the HD Cloud Workshop
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3rd de.NBI Newsletter
Edition February 2016

  • The de.NBI-ELIXIR collaboration
  • de.NBI development plan 2016
  • ELIXIR tools and service registry hackathon
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2nd de.NBI Newsletter
Edition October 2015

  • Reports of the five SIGs
  • de.NBI Late Summer School 2015
  • de.NBI SAB meeting in Berlin
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1st de.NBI Newsletter
Edition July 2015

  • Inauguration of the Central Coordination Unit
  • Forming the Scientific Advisory Board
  • The de.NBI Kick-off Meeting at Bielefeld University