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In 2017, the de.NBI late summer school will take place in Berlin (25-29 September) with the topic "Computational genomics and RNA biology". It will be organized by RBC (Freiburg, Leipzig and Berlin). The application deadline and the agenda will be announed soon.

de.NBI give thanks to 882 participants of training courses in 2016

de.NBI wishes you all Merry Christmas and a sparkling new year 2017! We will be back on Monday, 2nd January 2017

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The 6th Programming for Evolutionary Biology Course is organized in cooperation with de.NBI (RBC Leipzig).

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The de.NBI partner project MASH (CIBI) will arrange its first Metabolomics Workshop at IPB Halle (Saale). For more information see

After five weeks, the de.NBI Twitter @denbioffice channel reached the first 100 followers. So if you are interested in the latest de.NBI news, follow us on Twitter


BioSB Course Comparative Genomics: from evolution to function (3rd edition)

Today HD-HuB presents their next Bioimage Analysis Workshop. For more information see

The DAIS Team, partner project of CIBI, announced their first training course "Hackathon – Fiji, ImageJ, and KNIME development". For more information see

Today, de.NBI announced the training courses for 2017. In total 34 + x training courses are planned. More Information on

CORBEL – Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services – is an EC Horizon2020 project uniting 11 Biological and Medical Science Research Infrastructures (RIs). In CORBEL, the participating RIs expand their cooperation in order to harmonise researchers’ access to their cutting-edge technologies and services by establishing a sustainable platform of aligned services that will enable faster admission to and a wider portfolio of technologies and services to boost research projects.
The CORBEL Open Call invites researchers to apply to access technologies and services from more than 15 facilities from eight different research infrastructures across Europe. Selected projects will be allocated to so-called Access Tracks and gain unprecedented opportunities to utilise a wide range of high-end technologies and services. These include state-of-the-art offers from the fields of advanced imaging, biobanking, curated databases, marine model organisms, mouse mutant phenotyping, screening and medicinal chemistry, structural biology as well as systems biology.
Projects will be supported at every stage, with CORBEL project managers on hand to help scientists navigate between different service providers and exploit the full potential of the offers available.
Learn more about the CORBEL Open Call by visiting our website (


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Today de.NBI starts its Twitter account. If your interested in the latest news of de.NBI, please follow us on Twitter #denbi @denbioffice

Bioconda Contribution Fest: 2-3 November

Conda is a platform- and language-independent package manager that
sports easy distribution, installation and version management of
software. The bioconda channel is a Conda channel providing
bioinformatics related packages. This repository hosts the corresponding