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Jeanne Wilbrandt, Leibniz FLI, Jena; ORCID: 0000-0002-0363-3837

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All lectures will be held in English and online at 13:30 (Coffee Lectures (Cl) on Mondays) or 13:45 (Espresso Shots (Es) on Tuesdays)

Online via Zoom:
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„What is research data management?“
„How can RDM help me in my daily work?“
„What would I need to do?“

In this series, we break answers to these and similar questions into digestible chunks to go with your midday coffee. With this, we hope to help you to maintain good research data management (RDM) in your daily work. Using data management best practices can be easy, if you have a good starting point, a practice you can embrace and maintain.

Researchers of all stages and fields as well as interested parties are welcome. No prior knowledge is required.

In the Coffee Lectures (25 minutes + time for questions), we take a quick dive into a selected topic from the RDM realm. Here, you will get to know models, concepts, and motivations as a basis for finding and adopting RDM practices that work for you.

Espresso Shots are our super short lectures (5-10 minutes + time for questions) that aim to provide you with one selected actionable practice at a time that you can easily adopt today.

Learning goals:
- Know basic concepts of research data management
- Identify applicable best practices for your own work

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