Imagine you are in charge of implementing the data management plan of a given research project, for example one in plant phenotyping. You do not have a programmer in your team that is an expert in setting up data warehouses or full stack web applications. Also, you would love to focus on the science and not on the data management. There is a solution for you: Use a ready made plug and play data-warehouse for your specific needs (data models). We have created the tool Zendro that automatically creates a data-warehouse for your specific data. Zendro sets up a full stack web application that allows you to manage, i.e. create, read (including exhaustive searches and pagination), update, delete (CRUD) your research data. Zendro supports validation, security, and offers a graphical point and click interface in the browser (GUI) and an application programming interface (API) implemented in the popular GraphQL standard. Importantly, Zendro can automatically connect with other Zendro instances managing the same data models and thus can form an efficient data-cloud out of the box.

We want to use the plant phenotyping data format standard “Minimal Information About a Plant Phenotyping Experiment” (MIAPPE) to set up a working data-cloud with already published research data. We then want to develop reusable web-components that carry out data analysis and interactive visualization in the browser. These components can be integrated into the graphical user interface and at the same time will be made modular, so that they can be reused within any single page application. Complex or resource demanding data analysis can be carried out by compiling existing highly efficient statistical libraries like the GNU scientific library to Web Assembly and using this from within the web-components.

Projects Leads: Asis Hallab <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> and Ata Ul Haleem <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>