November 24th, 1:00-4:30 pm (CET)

This year's 3rd Annual Meeting of the de.NBI Industrial Forum will take place online. The participation is free of charge.

Thursday, November 24th, 2022, 1:00 – 4:30 pm (CET)

online (Zoom)  -  Link will be provided to registered participants prior to the meeting

Abstracts will be available soon


Registration Deadline: November 23rd 2022


All times in the program are given in CET time zone.


12:50 am

Zoom Login possible


01:00 pm


A. Pühler, Uni Bielefeld

N. C. Lübke, FZ Jülich

01:05 pm

Section A - Recent developments in the de.NBI and ELIXIR network

• The de.NBI Network is responsible for the establishment of the de.NBI Industrial Forum


• The German ELIXIR node makes use of the de.NBI infrastructure


A. Pühler, Uni Bielefeld


A. Tauch, FZ Jülich

01:35 pm

Section B - Digital Health activities of different organizations

• How do ELIXIR's bioinformatic infrastructures contribute to national and European digital health innovative actions?


• NFDI4Health - The National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data in the context of the European Health Data Space


• tba


• Knowledge-based machine learninng from multi-omics data for personalized medicine



• Multi-Omics and spatial Single Cell methods in lymphoid Malignancies


D. Sousoni, ELIXIR Hub, Hinxton, England


J. Fluck, NFDI4Health, ZB MED Cologne


R. Eils, BIH Berlin


J. Saez-Rodriguez, University of Heidelberg


W. Huber, EMBL Heidelberg

03:15 pm

Coffee Break


03:25 pm

Section C - Digital Health activities of selected companies of the de.NBI Industrial Forum


• Literature based reasoning for precision medicine in hematology


• Curated single-cell RNA-Seq for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in pre-clinical biomarker discovery and validation in the immune system


• Secure and scalable Health Data: Making real world data actionable

Chair: N. C. Lübke

T. Wollmann, Merantix Momentum (Merantix Labs GmbH), Berlin

J. Sponarova, Nebion AG - an Immunai Company, Zurich

A. Kremer, Information Technology for Translational Medicine (ITTM) S.A. , Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

04:10 pm

Section D - General Discussion on the topic Digital Health


Chair: T. Dammann-Kalinowski

04:25 pm

Wrap-up and Closing

A. Pühler, Uni Bielefeld

N. C. Lübke, FZ Jülich