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RDM denbi Daniel Helena 1 Data management is one of the most vital components of any scientific research and project. In recent years, the need for proper management of research data has become increasingly important. This has led to the development of several tools and frameworks that can help scientists and researchers to manage and share their data efficiently.

The Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW) is a web-based application that provides guidance to data stewards on how to manage research data effectively. The tool was developed by ELIXIR, a pan-European infrastructure for life science information, which also provides a Research Data Management Kit (RDMkit).

This webinar on “Introduction to DSW & RDMKit” aims to provide an overview of these tools and their features. The webinar will start with an introduction to data stewardship, emphasising its importance in scientific research. It will then move on to a discussion of the Data Stewardship Wizard and how it can help researchers with their data management tasks.

The webinar will demonstrate the features of the DSW, such as creating a data management plan and providing guidance on how to handle sensitive or personal data. It will also discuss the benefits of using this tool in terms of increasing the quality of research and complying with funding agency requirements.

The second part of the webinar will focus on the RDMKit, which is a set of guidelines and tools for implementing good data management practices. The kit contains resources such as templates for data management plans, guidelines for data sharing, and a checklist for selecting data repositories.

Highlighting the importance of using the RDMKit in research projects, the webinar will explain how following these guidelines and utilising the provided resources can help researchers ensure high-quality data management and improve the reproducibility of research results.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session, where participants can ask questions and receive answers from the presenters. Attendees of the webinar will benefit from learning about these tools and how they can improve their research data management practices.

In summary, the Introduction to DSW & RDMKit webinar offers an essential overview of these tools and their features. It will demonstrate how these tools can help researchers manage their data efficiently, increase research quality, and comply with funding agency requirements. Researchers and data stewards who are looking to improve their data management practices will find this webinar valuable.

This webinar will be presented by Daniel Wibberg and Helena Schnitzer, Training Coordinators from Elixir Germany for de.NBI.

The event is in English and will be held on 19 October 2023, 14:00 CET (available afterwards on demand). Attendance is free, but we ask for registration.