Data management is generally recognised as a crucially important but challenging part of Systems Biology. Data management systems that are useful, usable and used are difficult to get right. It is not easy to find out about already existing software, or the state of standards that could or should be adopted.

Following the successes of the Systems Biology Software Developers Workshop in 2012 and 2014, we propose the next meeting in the series that enables practitioners in the field to meet like-minded scientists, show their working and upcoming developments, and give opportunities to team up.

A meeting to socialise, yes. But also a meeting to figure out how we can team up beyond the confines of single work packages, or projects, in the light of ESFRI research infrastructures, national infrastructure projects, as well as the move from systems biology to systems medicine and synthetic biology.

At the same time, the rise of containers creates a new set of software reuse opportunities. This foundry workshop series has already demonstrated its use as a platform creating and intensifying collaborations.

We will provide

  • One day of innovative interactive show-and-tell sessions that take the best from scientific speed dating and lightning talks. Let us all get to show our software and drill down on others.
  • One day of tutorial/hackathon about uses of containers in general and how to containerise your tool, and how to make it interact with other containerised tools.
  • Time and space to socialise

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