The fourth de.NBI year was very successful in the field 'training'. In 2015, de.NBI started with 17 training courses with 329 participants, whereas in 2016 (40 courses with 882 participants) and 2017 (69 courses with 1,489 participants) the numbers increased. In the last year, we further increased the number of courses and participants to 77 training courses with 1,520 participants. The largest course was attended by 73, the smallest one by four scientists. Approx. 75% of the participants were PhD students or Postdocs. The remaining 25% were PIs, undergraduates, and participants from industry. The gender ratio of the students was 59% male and 41% female. About 30% of the participants came from outside Germany. In general, the user survey shows satisfaction values around 90% with only a small number of exceptions. Currently 50 training courses are announced for 2019.

In the ELIXIR context, in 2018, de.NBI offered the highest number of training courses listed in the TESS portal with the highest number of trained scientists among all ELIXIR nodes. 

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