BRENDA and SILVA, two biological databases operated by de.NBI / ELIXIR Germany, have joined the list of ELIXIR Core Data Resources critically important for life science research.

The ELIXIR Core Data Resources serve as a mark of the highest quality in biological data provision and stewardship and play a fundamental role in the long-term preservation of life science data. The two new members have been added to the list, following their decision to adopt more open access licences. Both databases will become free for all users, including industry, with their next full release (expected in Autumn 2018).

BRENDA is the world's largest and - with more than half a million users per year - one of the most widely used information system on all aspects of enzymes, including function, structure, mutants and properties (stability, purification, involvement in diseases and others). There are around 150 million data points in the database; the data are compiled manually from literature or through integration from sequence and structure databases and through calculation (genome annotation, membrane association, statistics).

SILVA is the European ribosomal RNA gene (rDNA) reference database. It is a comprehensive web resource for up to date, quality-controlled databases of small and large subunit aligned rDNA sequences from the Bacteria, Archaea and Eukaryota domains and supplementary online services. SILVA’s taxonomic tree and nomenclature is manually curated based on Bergey’s recommendations and expert references. SILVA takes special care to the consistent naming of clades of uncultivated (environmental) sequences where no validly described cultivated representative is available.