• 2024-03-20

To encourage the re-use of your training material it helps to ensure Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability (FAIR). However, it is often not straightforward to apply the FAIR principles to training material. de.NBI and other ELIXIR members just released a handbook to guide you in this process. This comprehensive book provides examples and guidelines to support anyone that is involved in the creation of training materials, such as trainers, training coordinators and Train-the-Trainer instructors. The book consists of ten chapters that treat amongst others how to choose the material formats, annotate materials with metadata, get a persistent identifier and boost discoverability. It can serve as a reference to learn about general best-practices or to quickly look up specific how-tos. This book is an ongoing effort; databases, registries and best practices are constantly evolving. Therefore, any feedback or contributions from the community are warmly welcomed.


Check it out! https://elixir-europe-training.github.io/ELIXIR-TrP-FAIR-training-handbook/


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