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The biggest running instance of the openSEEK software is the FAIRDOMHub - a Systems Biology Community Commons for independent researchers, projects and programmes, run by the transnational FAIRDOM project. This centrally hosted repository for managing and sharing systems biology research enables anybody to view, download and reuse published data and models. By creating an own project within the FAIRDOMHub the user can manage or publish own datasets, link them together, interlink them with mathematical models, protocols and publications and share them in a controlled manner within and across projects. NBI-SysBio provides support to projects that want to use the FAIRDOM Hub and/or SEEK for data management. This support includes help desk support ("how do I achieve?"), collecting requirements from the users, as well as training. If you are interested in such support, please use the contact link.
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Funding: Development and maintenance partially funded by de.NBI.