Since there is a dramatically increasing number of biomarker-related scientific articles and structured information on biomarkers is often restricted, limited to particular types of markers or diseases, outdated and/or user-unfriendly in existing online databases, it becomes unfeasible for researchers to keep track of all recent biomarker publications. In this context, the objective of BIONDA is to acquire the current knowledge on biomarker-disease relationships automatically by an intelligent system, which provides it as structured information freely and rapidly.

As sources for BIONDA’s database entries, we use besides PubMed article abstracts further renowned databases such as UniProt and Human Disease Ontology. This information is acquired automatically and updated regularly using text mining methods. BIONDA is available freely via a user-friendly web interface and it is not limited to any kind of diseases. As a specific characteristic, BIONDA’s database entries are rated by a scoring approach estimating biomarker reliability. Thus, BIONDA is a valuable knowledge resource for biomedical research.

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