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SEEK is a software platform for collaborative projects to support the data storage and data exchange between project partners. SEEK contains yellow pages including information about people, projects, institutes, and skills. Users are able to store, search, interlink and download information about experiments, models, Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), investigations, studies, assays, biosamples, etc. Different levels of data security and privacy are implemented and allow controlled access of data and secure data sharing between project partners. SEEK has a web-based user interface as well as a RESTful web service interface for automatic access. SEEK is both available for local installation to share data within groups or they can use the FAIRDOMHub sharing space described below. For easy installation, virtual machine images of SEEK are available. SEEK is also available as openSEEK, a combination of the openBIS software from ETHZürich with the SEEK software.

Find this service in BioTools here.
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Funding: Development and maintenance partially funded by de.NBI.