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-Maureen F. Atemkeng (ZALF, Müncheberg)
-Daniel Wibberg (CAU)

May 8th, 2024  10 – 11 am CEST


Do you aspire to become a highly cited author, or do you know one? It is one thing to publish your research work (data, data articles, original articles, or review papers); however, for your publications to have an impact, they must be visible. One could envision a lack of consistency in writing of names. This will have a significant impact on the publication search, as each name will be associated with a unique author. Keep in mind that naming conventions vary from region to region and even country to country. We will instruct you in this workshop on how to maintain a consistent professional identity regardless of where you reside or work. 

Not all works are keywords, and where these keywords occur in your publication is critical; we will discuss this in the workshop as well. Finally, you will be introduced to the most often used persistent IDs for authors, which will allow you to stay connected and reachable regardless of where you work or reside.

Learning goals:
-Understand the difference between your career name and legal name
-Understand why you need a career name
-Know how to select a career name that increases your visibility
-Know how to identify key words
-Know where to place key words in your publications
-Knowledge on persistent digital identifier for author

Browser,Mentimenter app

Career name, highly cited authors, keyword placement, Persistent digital identifier


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