• Ostrava


Website: https://events.it4i.cz/event/18/

Florian Jug, Tobias Pietzsch, Matthias Artzt, Vladimir Ulman, Pavel Tomancak (CIBI, DAIS)

17-29 January 2019

IT for Innovations, IT4I, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Fiji Hackathon – Parallelization and HPC will bring the world-wide Fiji community to Ostrava, Czech Republic, a post-mining region and emerging technological hub of Central Europe. The event will be focused on parallelization and will be held in highly appropriate venue for this - the National Supercomputing Centre. The community will have full access to its two HPC clusters - Anselm and Salomon, proudly named after Ostrava's disused mines. This is the latest installment of Fiji hackathons organized regularly since 2007 (list of previous hackathons).

Learning goals:
Hackathons are primarily organized for developers to meet face to face, discuss and code together. Topics are only loosely defined. At this hackathon the main goal is to further develop Fiji’s capability to execute plugins on an HPC resource. Infrastructure for doing this and exemplary solutions to operate on big light sheet microscopy data will be developed during the hackathon. Besides Fiji developers, experience of running KNIME platform in parallel will be provided and tested on the local HPC resources.

Deep knowledge of ImageJ and or KNIME software ecosystems or substantial expertise in code parallelization and exploitation of HPC resources.

Fiji, ImageJ, KNIME, HPC, cluster computing, parallelization


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