• Valencia





FOSBE Conference in Valencia



Steffen Klamt, Philipp Schneider
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems


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ca. 3 hours

Target audience

Students and researchers interested in constraint-based and stoichiometric modeling of metabolic networks. Some basic experiences in constraint-based modeling would be of advantage but is not an absolute requirement. The workshop will focus on the use of the software CellNetAnalyzer. If the participants want to follow the live demonstration or/and take part in the hands-on session, then they should bring their laptops (with MATLAB installed) along.


CellNetAnalyzer (CNA) is a widely used MATLAB package for analyzing biological (metabolic, signaling and regulatory) networks. CNA and supports both command-line based operations as well as a graphical user interface with embedded network visualizations. In the first part of this workshop (1,5h) we will demonstrate key features of CNA for stoichiometric and constraint-based modeling of metabolic networks including flux (balance) analysis, flux and yield optimization, phase plane analysis, elementary mode analysis, computational (re)design of metabolic networks based on minimal cut sets, and many more. The second part of the tutorial (1,5h) will consist of hands-on exercises with example networks where the participants will learn how to use CellNetAnalyzer in practice.