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Introduction: The Training Course (TC) covers an introduction to (i) linux, bash scripts, and R, (ii) read mapping for transcriptomics, (iii) genome assembly and annotation, and to (iv) biological data extraction. The TC is targeted towards biologist with little to no programming experience and thus requires no prior knowledge with regard to programming or linux. To proceed with the course, store all data in a folder and note its location. Within the course manual, file location is hard coded – please replace the file location in the documents with the one where you stored the data on your system. A linux operating system with at least 8Gb of RAM and at least 2 CPUs is recommended for execution of the programs in a timely manner. You will need root privileges (i.e. have administrator rights) on the system. Within the course documents, programs and methods are not attributed according to scientific standards as the course manual was meant for hands on execution and training, but not as a reference manual. Please cite original authors for all programs and tools if you use them in your work. The main document "BigDataTrainingCourse2016_manual.pdf" will guide you through the course material and the structure of the data.

Download: A. Bräutigam (2016-12-01): Big Data Analysis Training Course hosted at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK).DOI:10.5447/IPK/2016/59