Crop Analysis Tools Suite (CATS)

A unification of several software tools for sequence analysis developed at the IPK Gatersleben. The web BLAST server utilizes a homology search against the current cereal genome sequence resources (barley, rye and bread wheat). Kmasker plants is able to mask sequences originating from ten agronomically important plants based on mathematical defined repeats, furthermore, selection of sequences applicable for guideRNA construction for genome editing (CRISPR) or for fluorescence in situ hybridization is also possible. MISA web searches a nucleotide sequence for microsatellites and is able generate molecular markers or primer. Within BRIDGE the complete barley collection of the IPK genebank can be visually explored in an interactive manner through diversity, certain phenotyped traits, and based on sequence polymorphisms. The barley genome explorer (BARLEX) is a system to visually inspect the reference genome sequence of barley, enriched with expression data, repeat and gene annotation as well as molecular marker data.

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Funding: Development and maintenance partially funded by de.NBI