Robert Hayer, Kay Schallert, Dirk Benndorf (BiGi / MetaProtServ), Thilo Muth (Associated Partner), Stephan Fuchs (Associated Partner)


GCB 2021 - Online

Metaproteomics analyzes the entirety of proteins from whole microbial communities such as complex microbiomes from medical and technical applications, e.g., in fecal diagnostics and the operation of biogas plants or wastewater treatment plants. A precondition for successful metaproteomics studies is, in addition to experimental knowledge, comprehensive knowledge about the bioinformatics data evaluation (Heyer et al., 2017). This workshop aims to train people by a hands-on workshop in the required bioinformatics tools and skills required for the complete workflow of metaproteomics data analysis. It starts with identifying peptides and inferring proteins from mass spectrometry data using the MetaProteomeAnalyzer (Muth et al., 2015, Muth et al., 2018, Heyer et al., 2019) and the taxonomic and functional annotation using Prophane (Schiebenhoefer et al. 2020). Subsequently, we will illuminate the biostatistical data analysis and data visualization. As a use case, we selected fecal samples from patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Learning goals:
In this workshop, we want to bring together bioinformaticians and researchers working in meta-omics and microbiome-focused disciplines.

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Microbiome, Metaproteomics, MetaProteomeAnalyzer, Prophane

MetaProteomeAnalyzer, Prophane

Dr. Dirk Benndorf (Bioprocess Engineering, Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)