• Vienna


René Rahn, Hannes Hausewedell, Svenja Mehringer (CIBI)


Vienna, GCB 2018 Tutorial

In this de.NBI/ELIXIR hands-on tutorial, we will demonstrate the supremacy to other “bio”-packages and programming languages and convince you of, both the simplicity of our new API and the gains in performance. As a showcase, we will implement a read mapper using SeqAn3 and show how application development can be simplified with our software.

Learning goals:
- What SeqAn 3 is and is capable of
- How to write tools with SeqAn 3
- Modern C++ features like Concepts, Ranges, and many more

This tutorial is mostly suited for computational biologist and bioinformaticians with research focus on sequence analysis (e.g., genomics, metagenomics, assembly, read alignment, variant detection, etc.) Attendees should have an intermediate knowledge in programming. Some basic C++- knowledge is strongly recommended. Attendees must bring their own laptop. Software for the tutorial can be installed beforehand, but we will also dedicate some extra time for installing required software during the tutorial. The following systems/software is required:

- MacOS (g++-7 or higher) or Linux or BSD (g++-7 or higher)
- Git
- Cmake-3.0 or higher
- [optional] VirtualBox (We will provide a fully integrated Ubuntu VM with all necessary software preinstalled)

Please register directly at the site of GCB 2018: https://gcb2018.csb.univie.ac.at/registration

SeqAn 3, Sequence Analysis, modern C++

[optional] VirtualBox, e.g. if only a Windows system is available.

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