• Berlin


Alexander Fillbrunn, Timo Sachsenberg (CIBI)

Summit: 02/22/2016 – 02/26/2016
Workshop: 02/26/2016

dbb forum
Friedrichstraße 169/170
10117 Berlin

KNIME's annual conference for KNIME users and enthusiasts is taking place in Berlin again in 2016. This time under a new name: KNIME Spring Summit. Between 24-26 February 2016 we have invited speakers from the world of data analysis, predictive analytics, life science and crime to give presentations that show us how they use KNIME to solve their analytics problems. We are very happy that Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics and Benjamin Spiegel from MMI Agency for example have accepted our invitation to give a talk, as have Dima Zhiyanov from Amazon, Dominique Gemoud from HES-SO and Jan Pospisil from Siemens. We will be releasing full details of the agenda later.

On the last day, the 26th of February 2016, we will offer a CIBI workshop about our bioinformatics integrations in KNIME. The workshop will give a brief introduction to proteomic, metabolomics and genomic sequence analysis using OpenMS and SeqAn with KNIME.

Learning goals:
Learning how to use the KNIME integrations of SeqAn and OpenMS

Life Science background, basic KNIME skills, basic skills in mass spec or sequence genomics

Bioinformatics, Life Sciences, Multi-omics

KNIME, OpenMS, SeqAn

Alexander Fillbrunn
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07531 88 2510

For more information see https://www.knime.org/summit2016