• Heidelberg


Dr. Matthias Schlesner

13.10.2016 – 14.10.2016

Heidelberg University
Institute for Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology (IPMB)
Im Neuenheimer Feld 364
69120 Heidelberg

The workshop is aimed at researchers working with whole genome and exome data sets from next-generation sequencing (NGS) experiments arising from patient tumor samples. It will teach background knowledge on technologies used for data generation and analysis and introduce tools used for interpretation and visualization of these data. This includes tools for the identification and integrative analysis of single nucleotide variations (SNV), copy number variations (CNV), structural variations and Indels. The course will combine instructional lectures with interactive hands-on tutorials on provided data sets.

Learning goals:
The course will teach background knowledge on technologies used for data generation, analysis, visualization and interpretation of whole genome and exome NGS data. Commonly used tools for data interpretation will be presented and can be used in hands-on parts on provided data sets.

The course is targeted at researchers with a background in medicine or biology, who work in oncological projects analyzing large data sets arising from tumor samples and who work together with bioinformatics specialists for data analysis. Basic knowledge in command line skills are appreciated but not mandatory. The course is not aimed at bioinformatics specialists.

Next-generation sequencing, cancer research, whole-genome sequencing, exome sequencing

IGV, cBio, USCS Genome Browser, DKFZ analysis pipelines and workflows

Dr. Julia Ritzerfeld
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