Björn Grüning (RBC), Johannes Köster, Ryan Dale

2-3 November


Our first Contribution Fest will be on the 2-3 November! We will have an IRC channel (maybe gitter?) and a google hangout in place.

We will start with a short presentation of all ideas and try to create small groups to tackle problems small groups.
I guess it's a good idea if you fork bioconda-recipes and get your own travis setup up and running so we avoid the travis bottleneck.

Some ideas on what we can work on:

- more tests: #2276
- improving documentation
- getting more packages to build under OSX
- interest in setting up Windows builds?
- betting travis testing - fail early! #1860
- perl/R packages should be migrated into a subdir
- convert all packages from git_url to url
- transition generic packages (ex. scala, generic pypi packages) from bioconda to conda-forge
- Implement security enhancements (e.g. #2327)
- Perhaps we should set up a doodle poll for a "kickoff" google hangout of 1 hour, something like the opening session of a conference or a meet-and-greet?

Learning goals:
Conda packaging, CI testing, Docker container builds

Familiar with git and Conda

Docker, Conda, Tools

Git, conda, travis

Björn Grüning
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