• Berlin


René Rahn, Julianus Pfeuffer, Alexander Fillbrunn

March 17. 2017

Hotel Berlin Berlin, Berlin

In cooperation with OpenMS from the University of Tübingen and SeqAn from the Freie Universität Berlin, this workshop will provide a brief introduction into the analysis of mass spectrometry and sequence data with KNIME. We will demonstrate how to utilize the two tools in KNIME in order to build workflows that retrieve and analyze common life science data and then use standard KNIME nodes to statistically analyze the results. The workshop is recommended for users who are familiar with KNIME and who would like to learn more about using OpenMS and SeqAn to process data from life sciences.
Learning goals:
Learn how to use the OpenMS and SeqAn integrations in KNIME.

Some experience with creating KNIME workflows.

KNIME, OpenMS, SeqAn, Workflows, Mass Spectrometry, Sequence Data

KNIME, OpenMS, SeqAn

Alexander Fillbrunn
University of Konstanz
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