• Lissabon


-René Rahn (CIBI)
-Hannes Hauswedell (CIBI)

20.03.2017 – 26.03.2017

Lissabon, Portugal

This meeting is about implementing an initial draft of the new SeqAn-3 library.
With the new C++ standards C++11/14 and 17 the language and the STL have been majorly evolved and support now many useful features that feel like a new programming language. Based on the current standard of C++17 we plan a major redesign of the SeqAn library targeting the novel design concepts.
We will discuss the new design principles of different core modules of the SeqAn library and implement a first draft in several working groups.

Learning goals:
- Working with modern C++ 11/14/17 (Concepts, Ranges, STL-Features).
- Working with the SDSL (Succinct Datastructure Standard Library).
- Documenting code with Doxygen.
- Writing unit tests with google test framework.
- Designing and implementing core modules of SeqAn-3.

- Target audience: This developer retreat is for SeqAn developers that are familiar with the design principles of SeqAn and with the current c++ standards: ISO/IEC 14882:2011, ISO/IEC 14882:2014 and the current draft of C++17 as well as the working draft of N4641 (Concept TS) and N4651 (range TS).
- Software requirements: For the retreat we require a working installation of the gcc-7 compiler, cmake >= 3.2, git, doxygen

Modern C++, SeqAn

No special tools are required or used.

René Rahn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)