• Troia


- Timo Sachsenberg (CIBI)
- Julianus Pfeuffer (CIBI)

26.03.2017 – 31.03.2017

Troia, Portugal

The developer meeting is intended for core developers, new members as well as potential future contributors. Recent additions to the library will be presented and important future directions are discussed. Small hackathons should ensure that new proposals pass the drafting stage before the end of the meeting. Potential topics include the upgrade to C++11 and QT5, the integration of Seqan 2.x as well as discussions about build infrastructure and new types of KNIME node generation. Externals are welcome to bring their own ideas and will receive detailed feedback as well as help getting started in OpenMS development. Progress will be tracked on our GitHub page with a resume of each day.

Learning goals:
- Working with OpenMS, its build system and its datastructures
- Documenting code with Doxygen.
- Deeper insights into new and established algorithms of the library
- Learning the GitHub workflow of OpenMS
- Designing and implementing tools or kernel classes in OpenMS

- Target audience: This developer retreat is targeted to core, new and potential future developers of the OpenMS library and its tools
- Software requirements: For the retreat we require a working installation of any supported compiler, cmake, git, doxygen and OpenMS’ contrib libraries

C++, OpenMS, algorithms for mass spectrometry, software engineering/design

No special tools are required or used.

Julianus Pfeuffer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)