• Potsdam


Oliver Kohlbacher, Julianus Pfeuffer, Timo Sachsenberg (CIBI)

April 3, 2017

Protemic Forum 2017
Annual meeting of the German Society for Proteome Research
Potsdam, Germany

The workshop provides a brief introduction to OpenMS, an open-source software for computational proteomics and metabolomics and the workflow system KNIME. Participants will familiarize themselves with the underlying concepts and get to know a few key tools of the OpenMS tool collection. We will construct tailor-made automated data analysis workflows for database search, label-free quantification, and data visualization in proteomics. All software used will be provided and can be installed on particpants' own computers.

Target audience:
Target audience are experimental scientists with experience in proteomic and/or metabolomic research as well as computational scientists interested in working with raw mass spectrometric data.

Software Requirements:
The participants should bring their own laptop computers. Instructions regarding downloading and installing all required software (Windows, OSX, or Linux) will be provided prior to the course. Installer versions of all required software will be available.

LC-MS based proteomics and metabolomics, OpenMS, workflows, KNIME, label-free quantification


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