RBC Freiburg, Freiburg Galaxy Team

Wednesday June 28, 2017 12:30 - 15:00

This workshop is part of GCC conference in Montpellier, France (

Do you have your lab's Galaxy instance set up and configured but want to give it some more love without diving too deep into the code? This training will show you step by step how to modify some advanced but not complex parts of the installation.

Learning goals:
- modify the menu
- prepare a custom tour

- adjust the graphical interface
- translate the UI labels to different language
- set up a built-in user/group chat
- write and activate interface webhooks

Introduction to Galaxy admin: Setting up a Galaxy instance as a service, or equivalent experience Knowledge and comfort with the Unix/Linux command line interface and a text editor. If you don't know what cd, mv, rm, mkdir, chmod, grep and so on can do then you will struggle in this workshop. A wi-fi enabled laptop with a modern web browser. Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari will work best.

Galaxy, set up Galaxy instance

Galaxy, Unix, Linux

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