• Braunschweig


Antje Chang, Ida Schomburg, Stefan Bietz, Sandra Placzek, Lisa Jeske (BioData)

11.10.2017 (09.00-17.00)
12.10.2017 (09.00-13.00)

TU Braunschweig, BRICS
Rebenring 56, Room 44


Introduction to BRENDA:
- History, scope and contents
- Data sources and updates
- Application areas

BRENDA web interface:
- Query engine – data access
    • Text-based queries, numerical queries
    • Genome explorer, EC explorer, Taxonomy tree explorer, Ontologies
    • Ligand query via chemical structure or substructure – molecule editor
    • Membrane proteins
    • Pathway based queries
    • Complex combination queries
- Result pages:
    • Enzyme summary page and Ligand summary page
    • Word maps
    • Pathway maps
    • Enzyme/disease relation
    • Expected taxonomic range
    • Protein 3D structure – amino acid sites
    • Enzyme functional parameters – statistical analysis
    • Text-mining results

Computer-based BRENDA access:
- SBML output

Introduction to ProteinsPlus:
- Experimental protein structures
- Protein-ligand interactions
- Basics and challenges of molecular modelling

ProteinsPlus server:
- Application area and computational methods behind ProteinsPlus
- Workflow and the interactive visualization concept
- Download options

ProteinsPlus applications:
- Protein-ligand binding site and hydrogen prediction
- Druggability and structure quality assessment
- Protein-ligand interaction analysis and 2D visualization
- Protein conformation analysis
- Protein-protein interface classification

Learning goals:
- Introduction to the BRENDA enzyme database and exploiting the potential
of enzyme structures in ProteinsPlus
- Learning and understanding the scope and organization of the databases
- Learning and working with the tools of the database

- Basic knowledge in biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology
- we recommend that you bring your own laptop

BRENDA, ProteinsPlus

BRENDA, ProteinsPlus

Contact, information and registration:
The training is free of charge. The participants have to cover their traveling
and hotel expenses. A list of hotels will be supplied.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration Deadline: 01.10.2017