David Bouyssié, Karin Schork, Michael Turewicz, Dominik Kopczynski (BioInfra.Prot)

March 11th, 2018

University of Saarbrücken

Proteomics studies in a comparative manner the identity, quantity, spatial and time dependent distribution of proteins in biological systems. Therefore and due to the massive amounts of measured mass spectrometry data, it is inevitable, that the developed methods and tools provide quick and reliable interpretations.

This workshop is dedicated to give an insight into several aspects of proteomics identification by going through the basic workflow, that is i) database acquisition, ii) peptide matching, iii) protein identification and iv) protein quantification.

The workshop will be organized for end users which already have basic experiences in analytical proteomics. People should be basically familiar with topics e.g. target-decoy approach or false discovery rate. Please note that the complete workshop is organized as a hand-on session. An own (modern / new) laptop (min requirements: dual-core 1.8GHz, 4GB main memory, 40GB HDD) is mandatory.

After registration, we will inform you with further details. The space is limited to 25 participants.

Learning goals:    
Handling and using of MS-Angel (including SearchGUI and PeptideShaker) as well as Knime (including PIA) for protein identification and quantification

Basic proteomics knowledge, basic mass spectrometry knowledge, own laptop

Computational Workflow, Protein Identification, Protein Quantification

MS-Angel, SearchGUI, PeptideShaker, Knime, PIA

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