Dr. Robert Ahrends, Dr. Nils Hoffmann (BioInfra.Prot / LIFS)

March 10th, 2019

DGMS 2019, Rostock

In this course, we will cover the challenges and necessary precautions of designing and conducting a targeted LC-MS lipidomics experiment. We will further demonstrate how to analyze such data after acquisition using the Skyline software and our targeted lipidomics plugin LipidCreator. In combination, these tools can be used for targeted assay development and optimization and for customized targeted lipidomics studies, including identification and quantification of lipids. 

Learning goals:
Participants will learn how to plan and conduct targeted lipidomics experiments and how to analyze their data using the Open Source Skyline software. They will learn how to install and use LipidCreator as a plugin in Skyline for targeted assay development. They will further learn how to create custom transition lists of lipids and to create in-silico MS libraries to enhance identification of lipids with Skyline.

Participants should have basic knowledge of MS-based workflows, ideally working knowledge of Skyline for MS analysis. Basic knowledge about lipids and their structural diversity will be helpful in understanding LipidCreator. Participants should bring their own laptop if they want to try Skyline and LipidCreator hands-on.

Lipidomics, Targeted Analysis, LC-MS

Skyline, LipidCreator

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