Sebastian Jaenicke (BiGi)

22-01-2021 - 2 PM to 4 PM (CET)


In this short introductory course, we will introduce software tools and basic concepts for the preparation and subsequent analysis of metagenomics sequence data with our MGX metagenomics application. The course covers

- Using Linux for quality control and preprocessing of next-gen and third-gen sequencing datasets
- Different state-of-art approaches for taxonomic classification of unassembled metagenome data
- Employing MGX for successful taxonomic and functional assignment

Please be aware that analysis of metabarcoding (i.e. amplicon) data is beyond the scope of this course and will NOT be covered.

Learning goals:
- Quality control and quality assurance
- Taxonomic classification
- Functional assignment

- Basic knowledge in microbiology and NGS-based analysis
- Experience with a Linux command line recommended but not required

Metagenomics, WGS, Unassembled data


This workshop is an online event and participation is free of charge; nonetheless, we kindly ask for advance registration. To register for this training course, please send a short email to our contact address below so that we have all necessary details, and include a short description of your scientific background as well as your previous experience with bioinformatics software. Due to the fact that that the number of participants is limited to 15, we will schedule according on a first come first served basis.

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