• Heidelberg & Online


Lisanna Paladin, Christian Tischer, Renato Alves (HD-HuB), Helena Schnitzer, Daniel Wibberg (CAU)

19-22 July

Heidelberg & Online (Hybrid format)

This ELIXIR Train the Trainer (TtT) course is aimed at everyone who is interested in becoming a better teacher. In particular, this training is aimed at those who want to become a certified ELIXIR instructor, run workshops and develop training materials.
You don’t currently have to be an instructor or a teacher to attend this workshop, but you will be expected to be willing and committed to becoming one and to improve your teaching techniques.

Four core topics form the basis of this ELIXIR TtT course structure:

  • Principles of learning and how they apply to training
  • Training techniques for enhancing learner engagement and participation
  • Design of engaging sessions, materials and courses
  • Assessment and feedback in training

This is therefore composed of a mix of lectures and hands-on lessons where you will learn and practice techniques through group exercises and discussions. As this course focuses on teaching practices, no particular technical background is required but some prior experience with teaching is desirable.

In-person attendees, should be equipped with a personal laptop and conform with COVID-19 regulations in effect at the time of the course. Virtual attendees are recommended in addation an audio headset to ensure a better audio quality.


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