• Online


Jeanne Wilbrandt (RBC / de.STAIR)

27. July 2022, 10:00-14:00

online (Zoom)

Research Data Management (RDM) is part of your daily work with your data. By making your decisions explicit, you can save time and energy.

Which decisions? This workshop focuses on questions of data organisation: How do you structure your work? How do you name your folders? How do you name your files? How do you make sure you can understand your data and find particular files in the future? Answering these and similar questions will help you to take a conscious approach on your research.

Save time and energy? At some point, you will need to revisit projects and data. Searching for a particular file will be much easier and faster if the proverbial haystack is already organized.

How? This highly interactive workshop aims to provide you with best practices, recommendations, and hands-on tasks to organize your data, including planning the layout of your haystack as well as documenting your organisational principles using READMEs and similar techniques.

Learning goals:

  •  Know principles of RDM and the research life cycle
  •  Know best practices of file and folder naming
  •  Understand the importance of organization and documentation
  •  Be able to plan data organization and write READMEs


  •  Be a Master student or PhD candidate
  •  Actively working on a project and producing data


Research Data Management, file naming, folder structure, README, documentation


  •  Computer with stable internet connection, webcam, and microphone
  •  Browser
  •  Pen and paper


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