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Michael Turewicz (bioinformatician) and Karin Schork (biostatistician) (BioInfra.Prot)

Monday, 2nd Nov 2020


This course will impart knowledge about how to conduct a differential analysis of high-throughput quantitative proteomics data using R. As we start with a basic introduction to the popular statistical programming language, no prior knowledge on R is required.
The statistical background on utilized methods is explained in order to enable the participants to assess their own as well as published workflows critically. In this regard the course will touch upon
    • statistical inference: hypotheses, type I and II error
    • location tests (t-test)
    • multiple testing

Learning goals:
    • Independent usage of basic R functions including
         - data import and export
         - basic plots
         - statistical tests
    • Deeper understanding of statistical methods applied in differential analyses

    • Basic understanding of high-dimensional data sets from quantitative proteomics or other life sciences;
    • No prior knowledge on R required
    • Computer with stable internet connection, headset and camera

R; high-throughput data; omics; proteomics; differential analysis

download and more information on R here:

We recommend using an editor such as RStudio, see

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Number of participants is limited to 25.

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